Cheez-It vs Cheese Nips

Cheez-Its are one of my all-time favorite snacks. For some reason they go really well with Tab.  I thought it was just me but I had some people try the Tab with Cheez-its once and they agreed.  I don’t know what it is but I don’t care.  Cheez-Its of course do mighty fine on their own too and that’s why I love them so much.  I’ve tried other brands but they’re just not the same.  For this evaluation, I got the arch enemy of Cheez-Its: Cheese Nips.  In this evaluation we had the help of pur friends Marc and Sara.

One comment was that these have a toasty cheese flavor.  We all felt the saltiness was just right and they have a good crunch to them.  I usually like to let these sit in my mouth for a little bit and suck off the salt and then let the “it” soften up and then that’s when I take a swig of Tab (so good!).  We all agreed these had a very satisfying cheese flavor and a nice crunchy (one person thought somewhat buttery as well) texture. 

Cheese Nips:
Cheese Nips were visually different in that they seemed to have less texture, like a saltine.  There isn’t the salt presence that Cheez-it has, although some did have a few smaller granules of salt on them.  We agreed these lacked the same full-bodied cheese flavor and almost resembled an oyster cracker with a little bit of cheese flavor.  Also, these were a little dryer than Cheez-Its and didn’t soften in my mouth the way Cheez-its do.

Wrap up:
Cheez-It all the way from all 4 of us.  Although Cheese Nips claim they have real Cheddar cheese in them and Cheez-It’s don’t, I guess whatever Cheez-It is doing is right (to us anyway) because we enjoyed these much more.   I know this is kind of touchy because people seem to get upset over these dueling cheese crackers.  I mentioned I was going to compare these to the intern at work (way back earlier this month when I had a job) and she felt very strongly about Cheese Nips and how disgusting Cheez-Its were, almost like she thought people who favored Cheez-Its also ate dog food.   It was very strange. I’ve seen other people feel the same way about Cheese Nips, so in case anything like that starts here kids, remember to keep it civil  🙂

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201 thoughts on “Cheez-It vs Cheese Nips


  2. I’m a Nip. My daughter is an It. We’ve had MAJOR battles over this.

    In truth, though, my ALLTIME FAV was Cheese Tid-Bits ….. My Grandma got me hooked and I have grieved the day these were deleted from the Nabisco line. Tid-Bits put Nips and Its to SHAME!!!!

  3. A no brainer, to be sure. Cheez-It are one of those things that if I can’t have the real thing I’d rather not have it at all. Enough said.

  4. For all these years I thought that I was alone…

    I was raised on cheez-its.
    Nothing else compares!
    I was so disappointed when they stopped making the pound box… They went from a pound to 13.7 oz! That’s a big drop! What did they think, we wouldn’t notice?! Anyways… it’s still the best cheeze cracker known to man.

  5. I’m sitting here right now with a box of Cheese-Nips that says “New & Improved Cheese Taste”. I will agree the taste is improved since the last time I had them, which was probably two or three years ago, but they still pale in comparison to Cheez-Its. I agree with JB the toasted ones are the best part of Cheez-Its.

    My family is from Wisconsin so everyone in my family is a cheese head. In my personal opinion Cheez-It captures the flavor of cheese better. Even though it doesn’t specify what kind of cheese is used on the box (Russell may be right about it being a blend) and Cheese Nips do I still believe Cheez-Its has a real cheese flavor. I believed for a long time based on the taste alone, similar to what Twisted Logic said, that Cheese-Nips were made with American cheese (eggccch, only on hamburgers). Now that I know that they are made with cheddar cheese, Kraft cheddar cheese, it brings into question the quality of Kraft cheddar cheese (Velveeta makes great Mac & Cheese though).Cheez-Its hands down, though Cheese Nips are improving.

    @Steve: These snacks are certainly not the same and either your taste buds are damaged or you do not eat cheese crackers. Kraft (still using the name Nabisco) produces Cheese Nips. Kraft is owned by Phillip-Morris (now re-named Altria). Cheez-Its are produced by Kellogg (still using the Sunshine brand), which as far as my research found is an independent entity (Kellogg is owned by Kellogg). Taste alone should tell you they are not the same cracker. If anyone can find a link between Phillip-Morris(Altria) and Kellogg then it post here along with your preference of cheese cracker.

  6. My parents like Cheese Nips and most generic forms of cheese crackers. However, I only like Cheez-Its. One of the reasons is the salt; I love salty foods over sweet foods. The flavor is also just right for me. It’s not too bland and not to overwhelming. Cheez-Its is the cracker for me.

  7. My girlfriend and I are anti-Nips till the day we die; Cheez-It’s are the one and only, anything else is just wrong. Did Cheese Nips make a cameo appearance in the film Ghostbusters? I think not. Cheez-It’s are nostalgic, but that’s because they’re good.

  8. This cheez-it battle is hysterical. I bought Cheez-its yesterday and noticed that the holes in the middle seemed bigger, so I decided to do a search on whether they were or not. (haven’t found an answer) . I prefer Cheez-its. nips are the poor man’s cheez-it. But I too miss Cheese Tidbits! I had forgotten all about them- they were so crispy and great.

  9. Cheese Nips taste more like real cheese and don’t burn your insides with salt and grease like Cheez Its do, but to be honest you’re all white trash folk for eating this processed crap anyway so why would that even matter. And to the person who feeds these to your cat, you are weird. You probably sit at home watching tv and share junk food with your cat wearing a cat snuggie.

  10. Some friends and I got into a discussion over dinner recently of Cheez-It vs. Cheese Nips. Having spent several years in the industry, I stated very strongly that there was no contest — Cheez-It’s are FAR superior to Cheese Nips. (This is all the more powerful a statement, given that my wife used to work @Nabisco.) Weren’t we all surprised when we stumbled on to this web-site after dinner. Of course, I was not surprised at all with the results of your taste test — Cheez-It’s rule!!

  11. I say “its” all the way (as i sit here and pig out on them) they are much krispier, saltier and have an overall better taste.

  12. We buy cheez-its, and only cheez-its. I’ve never eaten a cheese nip. (just saying the cursed name makes me want to bang my head on a pillow) Just look at the package of cheese nips! this is aimed at 3-year olds! You can just tell that cheez-its were made way before barf nips. (this name is a lot better. I’m now happy. 🙂 ) To tell you the truth, cheez-its were wade 40 years before diharreah nips (even better name 😀 )

    ? ? ? <yummy cheez-it

  13. I love Cheez-its. Cheese Nips are gross. Does anyone know why the price of Cheez-its has risen as it has in the last month?

  14. I love Cheese Nips. I have tried Cheese It brand several times, but always come back to Cheese Nips. Cheese It’s have a bland cheesy taste and too salty. I love, love, Cheese Nips and Cheese It’s are not welcome in my home.

  15. Wow, lol, look at all these comments about cheese crackers. For me, I just recently tried Cheese Nips for the first time and I love them! I do enjoy the reduced fat Cheez-its because they tend to be cooked more, but for some reason these Cheese Nips are hitting the spot. They taste more like cheese to me and I like having less salt. Someone mentioned Better Cheddars and those are really good too. Someone else liked Mac and Cheese Crackers, but I had those once and they are nasty. I have eaten Cheez-its for years so many I’m just tired of them.

  16. Try reduced fat Cheez-its! They are just as good as the original and not ‘greasy’ which was the theater’s person’s concern.

    But remember….get your own box!

  17. I used to be a cheese itz fan like no other, like a box a day. Then, one day I tried cheese nips again and I was like hey! these taste like cheese and not like salt! So for now its cheese nips but I might flip back again. On a side note, I found that cheeze itz were horribly inconsistent from box to box in terms of taste, but this might be due to freshness.

  18. Cheese Nips rule! Cheez-its seem too salty and greasy. Cheese Nips have a more palatable flavor.

  19. CHEEZ NIPS ALL THE WAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I don’t know how you people could like the stale greasy icky taste of cheez its. they are disgusting! I think that cheez nips are way better!

  20. okay, people who think that its are better you’re crazy! even look at the picture! I mean are you going to choose that crumby stupid looking and tasting it over that nip? I know wouldn’t! I just recently opened a bag of cheez its and the vile taste almost made me throw up! after just one I threw the bag away!

  21. They’re not that bad. I like how the nips have a more smooth cheese, so you can eat more without having to drink something. Its are more cheesy, and more strong. I like the Nips better.

  22. Well, I am a kid and I love Cheez-Its. There’s no joy in Nips to me. Let’s face it Cheez-Its are winning the vote.

  23. I have a theory that Cheese-Its vary in their greatness based on the box size. The perfect salty crunchy cheesy squares are their best when found in the smaller box. The family size box, regular size box, and all others pale in comparison. Who agress? Test it.

  24. nips are the bomb! i will eat cheese-its, but sometimes they seem to have like a sour tast. i love cheese nips 🙂

  25. I like cheese nips. At first I liked cheeze its but then I was reading a book where a starving person found their way into a church to find food and found a box of Cheese Nips. Now I like cheese nips more. I think cheez its taste cheesier though but whatever.

  26. Cheez its are for immature fat people. Cheez nips are lighter and flakiers and just better. If cheez its was personified, she would be a pretentious, greasy-haired bully with no substance.

  27. So cheese its were always my fave. I don’t know what it is, but it just is. Cheez it’s are a bit puffier, but cheez nips are kinda of just a stick. I think Cheez Nips are just for kids because, i remember the first time my friend gave it to me, it was a spongebob shape. Now Cheez nip are lighter, but i prefer Cheez its. They are both greasy, but so yummy.

  28. Cheez its are too salty and just dont taste right. Cheese nips are BY FAR my favorite they taste so good!

  29. Wow…people are pretty serious about their cheese crackers lol. Cheez-Its are pretty awesome though. I finished the box just a few minutes ago and going to get some more soon!

  30. Cheez-its are the best – I’ve tried the other and it just tastes horrible – no flavor, bland….

  31. Both are not good for you! They get a C or D for health rating and the Cheez it’s- which everyone is preferring- is one with the worst rating.. in moderation- that is key.. not daily or in large numbers. They are just not good for you!!!

  32. I’m easy either way. If I can’t get one, the other will do nicely.

    That said, though, those white cheddar Cheez-Its are pretty tasty, and crumbling them up makes a nice salad crouton.

  33. Its over Nips. Always and forever!!! However I do enjoy a Better Cheddar now and again. They are pretty delish but much more rarely enjoyed by me.

  34. #1 and only= Cheez Its. The taste is the best. I don’t even care to mention that other name. It just does not compare to the all-time great Cheez It!! I luv ’em.

  35. I like them both equally. One of my all-time favorite snacks is making little individual peanut-butter-and-jelly Cheez-It sandwiches. Like someone said above, yes I actually do take the time to put peanut butter on one cracker, jelly on the other, and then smoosh them together – over and over until there are about 15 of them on my plate. The ULTIMATE late night snack!

    Cheese Nips, on the other hand, have a slightly sharper flavor – some call it bitter – that I really, REALLY love. I think for just eating out of the box, I prefer Cheese Nips. But for everything else (soups, pbj sandwiches, party mixes, etc) I much prefer Cheez-Its. Weird, I know.

  36. Cheese its are absolutely awful. I don’t understand how they could be so well liked. They taste sour… like salty sour tasting flour crap. Cheese nips are far better… thought still processed food crap. Here’s to big medical bills and a lot of suffering in the future.

  37. Cheeze nips are healthier due to the lack of salt, and oil used when baking the crackers. Cheeze its have a better taste because of those same reasons. Although they have a leg up with taste I wonder who would win if you flip the box around. Anything with more salt and oil will always appeal to consumers. Sad but true.

  38. Nah, Cheese nips aren’t greasy like cheez-its, but cheez-its don’t have such a sharp after-taste I don’t like grease and I don’t really like Sharp cheese.
    So…. I have to say Cheese Nips are better!

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