Cheez-It vs Cheese Nips

Cheez-Its are one of my all-time favorite snacks. For some reason they go really well with Tab.  I thought it was just me but I had some people try the Tab with Cheez-its once and they agreed.  I don’t know what it is but I don’t care.  Cheez-Its of course do mighty fine on their own too and that’s why I love them so much.  I’ve tried other brands but they’re just not the same.  For this evaluation, I got the arch enemy of Cheez-Its: Cheese Nips.  In this evaluation we had the help of pur friends Marc and Sara.

One comment was that these have a toasty cheese flavor.  We all felt the saltiness was just right and they have a good crunch to them.  I usually like to let these sit in my mouth for a little bit and suck off the salt and then let the “it” soften up and then that’s when I take a swig of Tab (so good!).  We all agreed these had a very satisfying cheese flavor and a nice crunchy (one person thought somewhat buttery as well) texture. 

Cheese Nips:
Cheese Nips were visually different in that they seemed to have less texture, like a saltine.  There isn’t the salt presence that Cheez-it has, although some did have a few smaller granules of salt on them.  We agreed these lacked the same full-bodied cheese flavor and almost resembled an oyster cracker with a little bit of cheese flavor.  Also, these were a little dryer than Cheez-Its and didn’t soften in my mouth the way Cheez-its do.

Wrap up:
Cheez-It all the way from all 4 of us.  Although Cheese Nips claim they have real Cheddar cheese in them and Cheez-It’s don’t, I guess whatever Cheez-It is doing is right (to us anyway) because we enjoyed these much more.   I know this is kind of touchy because people seem to get upset over these dueling cheese crackers.  I mentioned I was going to compare these to the intern at work (way back earlier this month when I had a job) and she felt very strongly about Cheese Nips and how disgusting Cheez-Its were, almost like she thought people who favored Cheez-Its also ate dog food.   It was very strange. I’ve seen other people feel the same way about Cheese Nips, so in case anything like that starts here kids, remember to keep it civil  🙂

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201 thoughts on “Cheez-It vs Cheese Nips

  1. Cheese nips taste like stale cardboard (and believe me, I’ve eaten my fair share cardboard), while I feel cheez-its have a toasted cheese taste with just the right amount of salt. It’s like comparing pepsi to coca-cola. But that my friends, is another story…

  2. Cheez-Its are the superior snack in every way (besides price I guess). I don’t taste much cheese in Cheese Nips. I like some non-brand name cheese crackers better than Nips too. But nothing can touch my Cheez-Its. Get your own box!

  3. I love Cheese Nips 🙂 Although I haven’t had them in a very long time because it appears everyone else loves Cheez-Its. But I like those too 😛

  4. Back in the day…my senior statistics project was to do a comparison ‘blind’ study on these two snacks. Everyone knew right after eating one of the two samples, which was which. CHEESE ITS was by far the favorite. Good thing I knew to buy extra of the Cheese Its!

  5. When I was in college thirty years ago we made a run to an all night grocery store for supplies, including Cheez-Its. We searched all over but couldn’t find the orange snacks.

    An employee asked if she could help us, and we said we couldn’t find the Cheez-Its. She said they had plenty and led us to the cracker isle, where she pointed to the Cheese Nips. We shook our heads and left.

  6. Cheez It’s are most definitely the best! You’d have to not have tastebuds to know that. What can beat Cheez It’s? The white cheddar are the best, because I love the sprinklings on top of them. I’m not a fan of cheese, but this is really good. I wish I could just buy each and every box from every store in America!

  7. Cheez Its are the One True Snack and Nips are digusting interlopers. If I were dating someone and found out they were a Nip I think that would have been the end of it.

    Having said that: the cheese cracker I loved most as a child was the Lance Gold n Chees. The were the the delightfully little hexagonal ones in that shattered into one thousands bit of joy in your mouth and seemed to have a bit of paprika or other warm spice in there. I understand they are still made but no longer sold in the crackly clear package that gave me so much pleasure. I can’t find them around me, but the Kroger brand generic cheeze crackers are very, very close. Incorrect It/Nip shape but the flavor is 95%. My wife can’t believe I like them better than Its. At least I haven’t gone to the dark side of Nips, like a dog to his vomit.

  8. Cheese Nips are the bomb dig!! Everyone I know or have ever met likes Cheese Nips way better! They are HEAVEN IN YOUR MOUTH! Cheez Its are almost as nasty as the sight of Hen And Winty making out! OMG! LOL (:


  9. I think you all are crazy. Cheese nips are way more flavorful and have the full cheese affect. Plus, they are way cheaper and not as greasy. I am 100% CHEESE NIPS!

  10. Cheeze nip has a light cheese taste and nearly has salt!but Cheeze it makes me wants to pee myself that salty taste and EXTRA cheese ey’ even in american roger like cheeze-its good for u roger..good for u..

  11. also when i ate a cheese nip almost feel like to threw up my stomach felt like it wanted to stab itself and i wish i had a match cause i would burn these ti’ll these vaporized!

  12. after reading all, not one person mentioned the smell when you open the box! back in the day the cheez-it smell at opening was unbelievable. (now, not so much), it sold the product. nips have never had that, i think it’s the salt for me now.

  13. I am SO….SURPRISED that there are more Cheez-It fans than Cheese Nips. Cheese Nips have a full cheddar bodied taste. I can’t even taste the cheese in Cheez-Its. The white cheddar Cheez-Its are okay but Cheese Nips all the way. For me they are the best kept secret. I like the taste and texture better than Cheez-Its. I think I will try them in recipes for casseroles and coating chicken/fish.

  14. I made the best squash casarole useing cheez-its. Every body loves it and now i have to make it for all family events. Would love to share my recipe

  15. I’m really laughing at some of your comments.. “I opend a bag of cheese its and almost vomited.”


  16. i love cheez its because they have the sea salt on the top which makes them DELICIOUS. I hate cheese nips because they have this weird “burnt” taste to mee idkk anyway CHEEZ ITS ALL THE WAY

  17. yeaaaaaaahhhhh booooeeeeyy cheez its iss daaa bbommbb boeeeey, likee ffff ya agrey. yaa nuoy yaa doo, wops diss aint noo fass-bok, maai badd, duces yaalll, haaive a gud day, like my talking?? hehehe
    A Nice White Person 😉

    Ps. I got you didn’t I 🙂 Happens all the time

  18. I heard that Nabisco and Sunshine Bakers are both CIA/Trilateral Commission run operations in deliberate competition designed to divert our attention from their efforts at world domination. (Makes me wonder who runs this website.) Anyway, I like ’em both, but my local super doesn’t stock Nips, only Its… I guess they’re not part of the conspiracy.

  19. i love how some people on here say “cheez-its are not allowed in my house” lmfao WOW is all i have to say to that, anyways, cheez-its are BY FAR better than the nips, they have more salt and WAY more flavor, cheese nips are stale and they are flavorless…in other words…..they more then SUCK! i mean come on jus read all these comments…lmao…obviously cheezits win most peoples votes…..HA!

  20. My husband is totally for Cheese Nips. We just made a 6 mile trip to the store for him to pick up 3 boxes. The funny thing is we have a brand new, unopened, double box of Cheez-its on the counter, that I bought by mistake. I prefer the Cheese Nip with the reduce fat myself.

  21. Cheese-Its. Cheddar Jack. Box of luciousness. Delicious. Cheese-Nips. Don’t taste cheesy enough. Taste like boring cheese wanabe crakers. Or Goldfish. Don’t like Goldfish.

  22. The cooking processes are different for each snack. Something about cheese content. They kept the processes when they were bought by Kellogg at different times.

  23. cheesenips!!!!!!!!!!!! everyone who likes cheez-itz betters than the nip is crazy in the face! cmon do u want a cracker with nothing but SALT or a cracker with perfect amount of salt seriously cheesenips use real cheese and cheez-itz do not a all!!!! everyone is wacked!!! CHEESENIPS ALL THE WAY! (anyone with me?)

  24. cheesenips totally!!! THEY USE REAL CHEESE!! its true! when i think of “kellog” i think YUCK bcuz of cheez itz! but when i think “nabisco” i think holy yummness!! someone needs to agree with me!! CHEESENIPS ARE SOOO MUCH BETTER THAN CHEEZ-ITZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  25. Cheez-its all day. You wanna know why its so good like Chicfila and KFC? That taste you cant quite describe? Salty, but different? Its got MSG in it people. Read your box monosodium glutamate.

    Now that i put that $hit on everything. lol.

  26. The cheez-it vs. cheese nips debate was derived from my “Nip Chee” Lance crackers. While awaiting class to start I remembered how there are both Cheez-its and Cheese Nips, yet the difference was unknown to me and my fellow classmates, as well as my esteemed instructor. We consulted the wonderful and vast Internet, but to no avail. The web had been blocked!!! What could we do, and how would we go on in life??? Well, that problem was quickly resolved, thank the high heavens. The web was unblocked and the search continued.
    Then we found this wonderful website, which was right on the money Ernesto. It was the spark of a great flame that would erupt later on my journey. We have decided (as a high school business and finance congregation) that the search MUST GO ON. We will taste test these bad boys until the sun don’t shine no more; no more, no more. If we could all take a moment of silence for this newly found endeavor, I would thank you endless amounts. This has been a self-exploration adventure for me, and I know that it will take me far in my young and carefree life. Let cheesy goodness reign!!! I would like to thank you for your time, as well as my motivational parents, colleagues, K-9 friends, local newspaper writers, Michelle Obama, small town farmers, Apple Inc., and of course the wonderful producers of Cheez-Its and Cheese Nips alike, Kellogg and Kraft Companies, respectively. I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America. And to the Republic, for which it stands, one nation, under Cheesy Goodness, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all. Amen.

  27. I really don’t see the difference. Except, Cheese Nips were about $1.50 to $2.00’s cheaper .

  28. For me its chez-it’s all the way, there is always a box in my house whether it be original flavor, white cheddar, or mozzarella they’re all delicious. At the top of this page a guy posted about him and 3 of his friends doing a taste test and he made a comment about some reason chez-its tasting good with tab, well if somehow he could read this I have to say for some reason I like sliced cheddar cheese with a can of Pepsi, I dont know why but whenever I eat sliced cheddar cheese I immediately want a Pepsi…. in the can, besides all that CHEEZITS!!

  29. Interesting comments. We don’t normally indulge our cracker or cookie desires, but cheese nips were at the 99C Only Store, and my husband loves anything cheese, so he indulged his carb addiction. We like them, and we ate a box in 3 days. Any food that takes a food chemist to perfect, is something none of us should be eating. You all got us so curious about the difference of “its” and “nips”, I’ll try them both. Man, the food chemist know how to map our tongues and taste buds, and it shows. When I hit a size 4, I get off the “food baby”. Great thread, thanks everyone.

  30. Sea Salt – If ever marketing people wanted to fool idiots, Sea Salt is a great claim. All salt is the same sodium originating from dry sea beds (other than Dead Sea Salt which is slightly different). Himalayan Pink Salt claim is another BS line. My mother’s friend is a food chemist, and he educated me. My EE husband took chemistry in grad school as well. He finds it amusing.

  31. Its and Nips both made great croutons for salads today at a Bar-B-Q. We brought both along and everyone liked them.

  32. Cheese nips!!!! Cheez it’s just taste like salt (and slightly overdone) cheese it’s actually have a flavor! It’s like asking if you like goldfish or penguins- depends on if you want salt or cheese (respectively)

  33. Finally post on this topic. We decided to buy its and nips and do a taste off. My husband thought nips were more flavorful, and I like its, but the salt overwhelmed me. Nips are less salty, imho. This taste off decision was way too many carbs, and will cost us more treadmill time tonight, but worth it. Yeah, it’s a subjective thing, but we needed confirmation. It was haunting us. Evidently, we need a diversion from our crazy lives.

  34. Maybe it depends on where you buy them? In Philly I prefer Cheese Nips they are always slightly moister and taster with more salty goodness. But in Chicago I always preferred Cheez-it’s because there they seemed fresher.

  35. Cheez-its all the way!, they have just the right amount of butter and salt. I think cheese nips are bland, no salt, everyone knows salt brings out flavor. They remind me of a very cheap knock of brand of cheese crackers I once bought when on a very very tight budget, never again will I not be able to fit actual cheez-its into my budget!!

  36. i love cheese nips way better then cheez it. cheeze it are good but if i have to pick beteen cheeze its and cheese nips well you know my answer would be cheese nips

  37. 1 Better Cheddars
    2 Goldfish
    3 Nips
    4 it’s
    Educate yourself if you don’t know about Better Cheddars.

  38. Cheese Nips are bad (both in flavor and cardboard like texture) but any of the cheap imitations of this type of cheese cracker are even worse. I can’t even remember the names of these cheap brand types but I’m sure you all know what I mean.

    And yes, Cheez-its always go great with cola (not necessarily Tab, I knock ’em down with Coke Zero.) Touching tongue to the salt before beginning to chew, then washing down with cola is the proper eating technique.

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