Cracker Jack vs Crunch ‘n Munch

Both of these are caramel-coated popcorn with peanuts.  Cracker Jack was introduced in 1893 and Crunch ‘n Munch came out in the 1960’s.  My only experience with either of these was Cracker Jack at a friend’s house once when I was a kid, but that was it.   I don’t know why I never really got into the candy-coated popcorn thing, but this blog has got me to try things I don’t usually eat and I was looking forward to finding out why this concept has survived from the Victorian era.  Ethan helped me out with this evaluation.

Cracker Jack:
The popcorn was covered with a coating of medium/dark brown caramel that was kind of like shellac, but in a good way that provided a hard shell that crunched nicely against the fluffyness of the popcorn.  There was an enjoyable contrast between the caramel and peanuts and it had an overall toasty quality.  I thought it was lot better than expected, we both gave this the thumbs up.

Crunch ‘n Munch:
The first thing we noticed was the color, this was much lighter and a shade of yellow.  Also, the caramel was considerably thicker.  The taste was much different with it’s strong buttery flavor.  Another difference is that was popcorn was fluffier and the peanuts were “glued” onto the popcorn pieces with the coating.  Ethan liked this and I did at first but found the flavor so strong that it was a little overwhelming after a few handfuls.

Wrap up:
We both liked each of these, but I continued eating the Cracker Jack and Ethan finished the Crunch ‘n Munch.  In a related note I’d like to point out those who haven’t had Cracker Jack in a while, that the prizes are lame and just a peice paper.  My “prize” was a team fact about the Chicago White Sox. 
I know, what would a 34 year old do with a paper owl whistle or an olympic action card, but at least it’s something more than a “fact” you can just google on a Major League baseball team.  I might actually be persuaded to buy another box if there was some sort of trinket or collectable in there, but not a piece of paper – maybe if they upgrade the text to the meaning of life or winning lottery numbers I’d reconsider.  But never mind me, what about the children!?!

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19 thoughts on “Cracker Jack vs Crunch ‘n Munch

  1. I’ve always felt that Crunch n’ Munch had a buttery toffee flavor and Cracker Jack had more of a caramel (burnt sugar) flavor. Personally, I prefer Crunch n’ Munch, but I think both are good.

  2. I voted for Crunch n’ Munch because I think it tastes better, but I typically buy Cracker Jack because I like the individual boxes. They’re usually less expensive and they don’t go stale like a large box of Crunch n’ Munch does. (I know they make small bags, but I can never find them.) Plus, Cracker Jack is just kind of nostalgic and fun. However, maybe everyone should reconsider and start showing the competitor some love. At baseball games we could all sing: “Buy me some peanuts and Crunch n’ Munch…even if you must buy a bunch…” or something like that. 🙂

  3. I always thought of Cracker Jack as kind of like an unpopular kid at school who gives you little presents to win your friendship. The prize is the only thing going for it in my opinion.

  4. Cracker Jack prizes had already crossed into lame territory when I was a kid. These latest paper ones are bottom-of-the barrel.

  5. My fiance and I are wondering why no love for Poppycock or Fiddle Faddle in this fight. I mean, you’ve done multiples in a battle before: Orange Sodas and Apple Pies come to mind.

    Any reason?

  6. Hi Jennifer,
    There’s no realy ryhyme or reason to how many products- just depending on what my budget looks like. As a moderate health nut, I can’t belive I’ve been buying this much junk food as it is but it has been fun. I already have plans for rematches, so this could be a future rematch but for now,I can’t buy all of the products at the same time. Thanks for reading!

  7. I can remember days as a youngster when I would sit in front of the tv and finish off a bag of crunch n’ munch and feel no remorse, but I never did like cracker jack. I always felt it was an old persons snack.

  8. Screaming Yellow Zonkers were my favorite as a kid. They were great, but ConAgro bought the company and discontinued them. They limitedly release them now, but it’s usually just a re-packaging of Crunch n Munch.

  9. I always felt the prizes in Cracker Jacks so cheaper and cheaper. It started out as tattoos and now it’s pencil toppers and facts about various things. I prefer the taste of Crunch n Munch over Cracker Jacks.

  10. Toy surprise is definitely “lame” they’d be better off not saying it at all! The last 3 small boxes of Cracker Jacks only had 2 peanuts way at the bottom. 🙁

  11. Crunch n Munch is definitely sweeter but I prefer them over Cracker Jack because the cracker jack box is so small and hard to get to the popcorn, the caramel is stickier and the peanuts have kind of their own taste instead of blending in with the caramel on the popcorn. I would probably buy cracker jack more often if they came in a larger size box.

  12. I voted Cracker Jack, It tastes good and there’s a deep long History with Cracker Jack. I mean come on people they been around since the 1800’s that’s like a fine Whiskey. However, I guess most people voting and are probably Foreigners of the USA so they don’t really care about Traditions or things like that that pertain to our beautiful Country USA! I mean this statement in the most respectful way and I’m not saying all foreigners don’t care about USA tradition I’m just saying a lot of them don’t, simply because they weren’t rooted here.

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