Brown’N Serve vs Sizzle & Serve

I don’t have much of an intro for this one except that we used to get Brown and Serve sausage on occasion and I remember it being okay.  I also remember it being Swift Premium Brown’N Serve but it looks like Banquet has taken over.  Too bad because I liked the old box better but I guess I didn’t buy it enough to even notice they got bought out by Banquet, or who ever owns Banquet.

Brown’N Serve:
I actually lost my notes on this whole evaluation but I do remember we bough thought this was okay.  The thing about these are that they have a kind of spongy texture, which is a little weird at first they tasted decent enough to accept it as just a characteristic of super processed meat.  They do have a generous amount of fat in them too, which almost spills out when bit into.

Sizzle & Serve:
These seemed even spongier but less flavor.  Ethan said if he tasted this blindfolded that he might not even know what it was.  I felt like it wasn’t that bad but definitely not as flavorful as the Brown’N Serve.
Wrap up:
Brown’N Serve wins with us but I think it’ll be another few years before I have these again. There is just so much grease to really feel okay about eating all the time.

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5 thoughts on “Brown’N Serve vs Sizzle & Serve

  1. I can’t vote for either of these. Squishy brown-and-serve sausages are nasty no matter who’s logo is on the box.

  2. I’ve never had either of these brands before–I guess it just goes to show how different regional brands can be! We always bought Oscar Mayer sausages at home.

  3. Yep. I believe I have had both of these, but I’ve never had a “brown and serve” sausage I’ve liked, so I shall not vote.
    They come out spongy and smaller than my pinky finger… if you cook them right. I’ve even cooked them wrong for worse effect.
    For this, no one wins.

  4. Brown and serve is A WONDER SAUSAGE beutiful taste never tried sizzel and serve But i can tell in my brain Brown and serve is better and sizzle and serve is a copyer

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