Carefree vs Extra

I used to love Carefree gum, maybe because when I was growing up it was always in my mom’s purse, but every now and then I’d get a pack and chomp through it in a few hours.  It’s been a while since I had it and when I looked for a pack for this comparison against Extra, I was surprised I couldn’t find it anywhere.  I did some research and was shocked to find out Carefree was discontinued about 2 years ago.  I was so bummed.  But all was not lost! I’m lucky enough to have what I call a “living museum” one town over from me.  Need a pack of discontinued gum from at least 2 years ago?  No problem, head over to Village Stationary in Holliston, MA.  Needless to say I didn’t find anyone who wanted to chew this so this evaluation was done solo. 

Unsurprisingly, this was kind of hard but still a little bendable.  I also would like to note that it did smell like bubble gum and I think the initial stiffness was the only result of being so old.  The flavor was what I remembered, I can’t describe it but there is something that makes it uniquely “carefree”.  Unfortunately the flavor seemed to only last a few seconds.  There wasn’t a lot of “bounce” and the end result was a kind of dense nugget with no flavor- all in about 30 seconds.

This (also unsurprisingly) was soft and bendable.  The initial bounce was way better and the bubble gum flavor is stronger. It’s almost overwhelming at first, but this lasted a minute before going the way of Carefree and losing most of it’s flavor and bounce. Although with some work, I could blow a bubble with this.

Wrap up:
I admit this may not have been a fair evaluation with Carefree’s age as a factor but I had to do it while I cold still get a pack.  I like the flavor of Carefree better although it won’t last long enough to walk to the mailbox and back.  BUT,  I like the texture of Extra, although I have to keep in mind this was much fresher and the flavor was pretty decent.  I will give it “extra” points for being able to blow a bubble with it. 

I also wanted to share a Carefree product I found at Village that I never knew existed called Stickfree.
I’m probably not going to chew this but just thought I’d share it since I’ve never seen it before and probably never will again.

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Bubblicious Bursts vs Freshen Up

I know, gum isn’t really a “snack” but it is something I consider a snack substitute and according to childhood folklore, it can end up being an 8 year snack if you swallow it.  Gum plays such a big part of my life I just felt I had to include it.  Although, I haven’t had this particular gum in many years, I felt it was worthy of a taste test.
In a perfect world, Chewels and Tidal Wave would still be around and I could include them in this comparison but these are the only two liquid-center gums currently available.

First up, Bubblicious:
This gum is very sweet, the bubble gum flavor is apparent but is kind of masked by the overwhelming sweeteness.  The liquid center has a little thickness so it doesn’t just spill out (although normally it shouldn’t matter because it’s in a mouth anyway).  The texture is nice and soft and is elastic enough to blow some  bubbles, not the best, but okay.

Freshen Up:
I had high hopes for this classic but even though the initial flavor was decent, it only lasts for what seems like only a few seconds.  The liquid center is much more gooey and kind of gross.  The chew on this is pretty bad, there’s is no elasticity so in under a minute I found myself chewing on a hard, tasteless wad of something that resembled gum.

Wrap up:
Bubblicious wins this round but I think more because Freshen Up is so bad.  I did happen to randomly find a third party sold only as individual pieces but I it looks like it’s a Bubblicious product:

But I guess why would they make two liquid-center gums?  I did a little looking online but didn’t really find anything on Bubbaloo so I can’t tell if this is a copy-cat or sister product.  I tried it and it looks and tasted like the Bubblicious except that it had better bubble blowing abilities.

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