Pringles vs Stax

Pringles totally had the market cornered on stackable deydrated-potato chips until Lays came out with Stax in 2003.  I never had Stax, I never see people eating Stax but I guess I don’t see people walking around with canisters of Pringles either.
Also, I’d like to note that when I went to my local grocery store to get some Stax, I couldn’t find them and asked the guy stocking the shelves in the snack section where they were and he told me “Those are discontinued…you can’t get them anymore.”   I was heartbroken, the one time I wanted to eat these and they were discontinued??  We ended up finding these randomly at a KMart in New Hampshire and I thought we hit the Stax jackpot, but since them I have seen them in some other places so I’m not sure if they’re discontinued or that guy just didn’t know what he was talking about.

Okay, first you get the flavor….

Pringles have a light, crisp, delicate body, that provides a lovely crunch. The salt-to-chip ratio is good and they have almost a buttery flavor.
Ethan described them as being the “essence of a chip”.

Stacks were noticeably thicker and didn’t shatter as easily when bit as did the Pringles.  Ethan said these were more like a “real” chip.  The thickness is like 2, maybe 3 Pringles and the taste is somewhat bland.  The amount of salt did seem balanced for the chip though.

Wrap up:
While I can appreciate Lay’s effort, I think Pringles has the upper hand with it’s leaf-like thinness and I think because of that, it provides more satisfaction when crunching into one.  The Stax almost seemed too thick.  Instead of a nice crisp “crunch”,  Stax had a dull “crack” when biting into it, and no butter-like flavor.

Which is better, Pringles or Stax?

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38 thoughts on “Pringles vs Stax

  1. Another plus for Pringles is that when you’re done, you can use the canister for storing tennis balls. Not possible with the Stax container.

  2. This is no contest, pringles all the way! Wasn’t it lays that had the “you can’t eat just one” marketing campaign a few years ago? Well the same applies to Pringles, you can’t eat just one! In fact, I personally believe Lays potato chips to be some of the worst potato chips on the market to day. Wavy Lays are alright, but the Lays Salt and Vinegar chips are probably the worst potato chips I’ve ever had! They taste like a bag of chemicals!

  3. I bet the guy who invented the Stax tube wasn’t buried in his invention when he died, either. So that’s another thing in Pringles’ favor.

  4. I have to say that I have not really enjoyed pringles since they stopped putting them in ALUMINUM containers. These cardboard things greatly affect the taste of the chips and leave me wholly unimpressed and looking for something else. I almost never buy them anymore.

  5. I have totally abandoned Pringles since Stax came out. I never was a big fan of Pringles anyway. I thought Pringles were totally artificial with a slight soapy taste. If Stax are out of stock I now avoid buying Pringles.

  6. Stax are Made In Mexico. It’s bad enough that almost all bagged hard candy and jelly beans come from there…but potato chips? Frito-Lay, which makes Stax, can and should provide US jobs for a product competitive with Pringles, which ARE Made in the USA.

  7. My gripe with Pringles is that they seem too dry. (seeing as how they are made with dehydrated potatoes, I am not surprised.) That leaves my mouth very parched and I hate that feeling.

  8. I prefer Smith’s Stax (Smith’s is the Auatralia’s Frito-Lay subsidiary. The label is blue instead of yellow because Australian chips/crisps are colour-coded differently. Blue is original, hot pink is salt’n’vinegar, green is chicken, orange is BBQ, red is chilli and yellow is cheese). If you smell a can of pringles, the smell is similar to the weird taste. Stax don’t have that funny taste and smell that makes you feel slightly woozy. Here is the Smith’s web page where stax are shown at the bottom of the page:

  9. Ever since I discovered the Stax salt and vinegar flavor, they have been my chip of choice. When they’re good, the Pringles salt and vinegar are very good too, but the flavor can be very inconsistent from can to can. Unfortunately, I have recently been having a hard time finding the Stax.

  10. Lays Stax are so good! I hate Pringles. I think they have a weird aftertaste. Most grocery stores don’t sell Lays Stax anymore, but you can find them at places like Walmart still.

  11. First, Pringles are not made in mexico, they are actually made here in the United States and in Europe, so get your facts right people. And they actually provide MANY jobs in the US
    Stax are gross, they are so thick and bland, a cheap version of a Pringles. Even their container seems cheap! Lays should just stick to in the bag products, and leave Pringles alone in the canned world!
    Once you pop, the party don’t stop!


  13. I prefer the Stax because I like to dip my chips, a process where the thin, brittle Pringles crisp fails miserably. Pringles used to have a thicker, dipping style chip in a blue can, but discontinued it years ago.

  14. I’ve seen Stax,but my family doesn’t usually buy Lays unless they’re on sale or something. XP I’d think that they could make a decent chip that is like Pringles,but as Ethan said at the top of the comments,it’s easier to reuse Pringles cans. ?

  15. I think the Lays Stax are alot better then the brittle Pringles, I feel that they did spend more time on their containers then Pringles did. Pringles containers will get soggy along with the chips if they get wet. Lays Stax stay dry in the safe container. Lays Stax also have a lot more consistancy to them and have a perfect stalt and vinegar to chip ratio (If your eating the salt and vinegar ones, the type doesn’t really matter) if eaten so that the inside of the chip is inserted onto your tongue.
    Lays Stax > Pringles any day.

  16. One thing about Stax that has not been mentioned is that it is gluten free. Pringles has wheat–read the label. People on gluten-free diets like snack food just like other people, but it is hard to find snack food without gluten. I hope, for humanitarian reasons, Stax will still be produced.

  17. To be completely honest, I haven’t seen Pringles anywhere since Stax came out. In fact, I was beginning to suspect that Stax were Pringles.
    However, I do have a problem with Stax. The container… I have cut my hand trying to get the chips at the bottom. And my hand isn’t even that big! I probably had the same problem with pringles, but at least those containers weren’t made of plastic…

  18. How can you compare them when the shape of Pringles is a hyperbolic paraboloid and the shape of Stax is a parabolic cylinder? Which has the more interesting shape? There’s absolutely no comparison, mathematically speaking. In this dimension, it would be hard to even consider Stax an also ran.
    (I found Stax to be disappointing when I wanted Pringles. The thickness and flavor are disturbing when the expectation is for crisp, thin and the particular Pringles flavor and mouthfeel. I actually find the shape of Pringles to be more satisfying and suspect that contributes to the flavor, or rather, to the entire eating experience (EEE- I just coined and copyrighted that phrase. ???? In case anyone else wants to use that, please give me credit). That shouldn’t surprise anyone because texture, color, appearance, setting etc. contribute to the EEE.)

  19. I bought Stax until I realized they were not made in USA. I try to buy USA made products as much as possible. Keep the jobs here. Also I do not like the Pringles paper container.

  20. Stax are usually good. There’s been a few times when there were some difficulties. The stax can is good for reusing- drink cups, liquid containers, pencil cups, or Tupperware containers. Pringles can’t hold anything at all. FYI some Pringles are made in China or Thailand- so you don’t know where you’re getting a can from lol. Mexico is bad, but China is worse.

  21. well, I just polished off 3/4 of a canister of Stax sour cream & onion (wasn’t aware where it was made till now) (recycle the container for geocaching) while reading all the other post. bag chips are better of course, but if you don’t prefer to eat the balance with a spoon, get the container versions (either brand). (o;

  22. I was a Pringles fan…until I bought my first Stax on a delta flight 9 years ago. Been a stax fan since then. I think Pringles tasted better back in 80s and 90s. I feel they taste different now and I don’t like them anymore. Or stax are to blame???

  23. I am surprised so many voted for pringles. I never liked the powderized/processed chips very much. They are ok for me once in a while. But after I finally tried Stax last week (yeap, this is 2018), I will never go back to Pringles. To each their own – i really like the thicker crunchier feel of Stax, something I never expected from Frito-Lays, who is well-known for its tasteless soggy thin (non-powderized) chips.
    To the point that I actually picked up some Pringles at work today only because there is no Stax on the vending machine.

  24. I think that all being equal, I’ll buy the PRINGLES based on the container. The PRINGLES container seems more recyclable…and has to cost less than that plastic tube STAX come it. Flavor wise, they are about the same–but as others have noted, one or the other is thicker or thinner.

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  26. There’s nothing great about Pringles, they were the stuff in the 90s. But that was then when I was a kid.
    Lays Stax taste better, have a better texture, overall better product.
    FritoLays usually suck with Potato Chips in my opinion, having come from Chicago where there was Jays Potato Chips, which FritoLays could never match up.
    But they beat Pringles pretty damn easy.

  27. One advantage to Stax is that the container is easily recyclable. Pringles’ is not because of the mixed materials.

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