Swiss Rolls: Mrs. Freshley’s vs Little Debbie


We’ve done Swiss Rolls a few times and Ethan and have preferredthe Little Debbie version but we’re always up for finding and excuse to eat these so when we found Mrs. Freshley’s verison, we were happy to evaluate.

Mrs. Freshley’s:
We didn’t expect much from these but they smelled good.  Upon biting in to this we both found the cake to be very moist and soft.  The vanilla creme is really the star of the show, it was so creamy and delicious.  Ethan said the only thing not really amazing was the chocolate, it didn’t taste all that chocolatey but the creme was so good, it made up for the lack of chocolate flavor. 


Little Debbie:
Little Deb was held it’s shape a little better but the cake was just a teeny bit dryer (to me, not to Ethan).  We did notice there was even more of an absence of chocolate flavor.  Ehtan said it tasted more like a Twinkie than a Swiss Roll. Then I noticed that it actually smelled exactly like a Twinkie

Wrap up:
We’d still eat a Little Deb Swiss Roll but were really impressed with the Mrs. Freshly’s roll, it was just so delightful.  A surprise but for the first time we’ll say Little Deb Swiss Rolls has a superior.

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Pop-tarts vs Pop-ups


Going on the suggestion of my friend who was fed fake pop-tarts by her grandparents, I went out on a search for second rate Pop-Tarts.  These were not easy to find. I usually look at grocery stores and mini-marts for second rate snacks and I really don’t feel like store brand is good to compare. I’m not sure why but I’d rather get a “real” fake brand of some sort instead.  Although I have to say, I get a kick out of store brand cereals and will do some posts on those at some point.
I found these at Family Dollar, which is not like Dollar Tree where everything really is $1.   I don’t know what kind of racket they’re running, but very little in their stores is actually $1. 

Aaaanyway, we started with the Pop-tart:
As suggested, we put these in the toaster.  I actually did look at the cooking instructions and like Brian Regan says, there are in fact microwave instructions to cook for 3 seconds.  These were, of course, very sweet given the jam and frosting, and the pastry part tasted like a sugar cookie.  Ethan said they taste like “winter”.  We never had these growing up, probably because they weren’t kosher (see Hydrox/Oreo post)  I wonder if these are more popular with kids in the winter than the summer?  We agreed these were better to have toasted than “raw” out of the package.

Ethan didn’t like the strawberry filling in this one and said it just doesn’t taste as good in general.  The frosting was especially tasteless and dry.
I noticed the pastry got toastier than the pop-tart even though I put them in the toaster together.

Wrap up:  I guess Pop-tart is the winner because Ethan thought so but to me they tasted identical.  I tried to find differences between them but just couldn’t.  Maybe because I’m not a huge strawberry person and they only had the pop-ups in strawberry so that’s what I got.  I have had the pop-tarts in the S’mores variety and really liked those.

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