Buddy Bars vs Nutty Bars

I like the concept here: crisp wafer, salty peanut butter and sweet chocolate.  And all this in a convenient bar form!  Again, this is one of those things that I haven’t had in forever and I was only familiar with Little Debbie’s version until I recently noticed Mrs. Freshly’s take on this.

First a visit with the Mrs.,  Buddy Bar:
I’ll just cut to the chase and tell you these were disgusting.  How could such a great combination of ingredients go wrong?  We felt these were bland and had too much wafer, which had a burnt popcorn taste.  Ethan said he got “glob” of peanut butter in one bite, which one might think would be a good thing but even the PB was so bland, the glob wasn’t a treat.  Also I think the coating was some sort of “mockolate” that had no chocolate flavor.  We only took a bite or two and threw the rest away. 
Nutty Bar:                                                             
Although it looks lighter, the chocolate flavor is much more present in this bar.  The peanut butter actually smells and tastes like peanut butter and the wafers are sweet, not burnt-tasting.  There is a perfect chocolate/wafer/PB balance and light delicate crispiness when bitten into.

Wrap up:
Buddy Bar is a total waste of time and calories.  It was incredibly disappointing from it’s poor quality of ingredients and lack of pride.  Maybe the company taste-testers are afraid of Mrs. Freshly and just tell her everything she makes is delicious.  I don’t see a picture of her on the box, perhaps to keep from being recognized on the street and getting beaten up?
Little Debbie does it again with a treat that tastes like Deb herself put the time into making it taste good.  AND has been consistant about it, because these taste the same as I remember from 15-20 years ago.

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20 thoughts on “Buddy Bars vs Nutty Bars

  1. Your review couldn’t be more spot on. I got a box of both a month or so back and couldn’t get past the first Buddy Bar … they were just awful. Nutty Bars rule !!!
    p.s. Toss a Nutty Bar in the fridge and tell me what you think. This summer, after forgetting to take a bag out of the car, I did this to prevent further melting and now I’m addicted.

  2. Hmmm, interesting discovery! Thanks for the tip. Now I have a good excuse to go buy more Nutty Bar awesomeness.

  3. Wow, everything you said about the “Buddy Bar” is completely true. I agreed with everything that was said. How crappy. I craved a NUTTY Bar so bad and had to settle for the Buddy bar. And in no way was I satisfied. Thank You

  4. Neither of them tasted like peanut butter to me. But the Nutty Bar was the clear winner in my blind taste test here. It has more of whatever it is that it has. But if I was stranded on a desert island and only had a supply of buddy bars I think with a little imagination I could fool myself into believing they’re nutty bars.

  5. how can you be so rude!!?? I agree with you one hundred percent but how do you think mrs. freshleys feels huh?? ur really mean

  6. The “burnt” taste comes from recycling damaged and partial parts into the peanut butter filler. The Original Buddy Bar from the 40s to the 70s,from which all these copies are from, was the best of the lot. Dortch Baking Company of Birmingham AL was the originator.

  7. Buddy is right on. I grew up on the original Buddy Bar from Birmingham and it was the best! It was made with real peanut butter and real chocolate. When I was a kid, you could get a Buddy Bar and a Coke for a dime.

  8. I would go back where Dortch’s made the original Buddy Bar as they came off of the baking line and help myself to a fresh Buddy Bar. THEY WERE GOOD!!This was in the 40’s

  9. I have been buying Buddy Bars at 99 cents Only Stores for a few years now. Recently, I could not find them in stores, so I went back to Nutty Bars, and I really did not care for them (I’m not sure why, since I’m not a professional food taster, but I think Buddy Bars are less sweet, or maybe there is a hint of bitterness in the sweetness that I like). Anyway, this would be Buddy bars for me.

  10. lol omg sooo funny. love candor ?
    Once I bought every oatmeal creme pie I could find at convenience stores and did a taste test. I hadn’t even realized before then how many other brands had a version.
    Lil Deb, of course, Mrs. F, BlueBird and I think one or two others. Just the mere fact that these different manufacturers could have such diverging interpretations of something called an oatmeal creme pie is amazing to me. Thankfully, I’ve come up with my own recipe for my favorite ocp recipe. Now, no boxed, cellophane-wrapped treat will do.

  11. ugh, buddy bars are absolutely terrible. i couldn’t even eat a full one either. it had the most bizarre, disgusting taste i almost swore that i tasted jelly in there somewhere. o_o; give me a nutty bar any day.

  12. My only real problem with buddy bars is the smell. Nutty Bars have an incredible scent, Buddy Bars smell like the weird faux chocolate they’re coated in. That said, the flavor isn’t bad, I don’t have any problem eating these when I don’t have Nutty Bars.

  13. Nutty Bar, the Nutty Bar is way to sweet; much more than is needed. I have to go with the Buddy Bar for that one. In fact, if Nutty Bars weren’t available I’d go for Buddy bars exclusively. I’m not sure how much sugar NB’s have compared to BB’s but I can barely tell NB’s even HAVE flavor due to it’s high sugar content. But I got hooked on the peanut butter wafer by eating Nutty Bars when I was a kid so it’ll always be a favorite, excessive sugar content or not.

  14. Nutty Bars are a good substitute, but can’t really replace the original Buddy Bar from Dortch’s Bakery in Birmingham in the 1950s. Buddy Bars had more peanut butter, since I got it on my fingers almost every time I ate one. It was more creamy. Too bad you young folks will not be able to experience this delightful snack.

  15. I was raised up at Dortch Baking Company in Birmingham. My dad Gaston E Smith drove a Tractor Trailer for them some 40 years. My mother worked inside the bakery. I knew the Buddy Bar from the get go and its was totally different back then. I was related to the Dortchs and when I graduated high school, I also drove a tractor trailer for them.
    I used to eat more from my truck than I delivered. LOL Long live the Buddy Bar.

  16. Little Debbie also once made a coconut bar similar to the Nutty Bar. Those were delicious for those who don’t care for peanut butter. Are they still available?

  17. The original one I first enjoyed about 60 years ago was made by either Tom’s or Lance. I don’t remember which.
    I would rather eat out of a ditch than have either one you mentioned. I tried them and spit the first bite out.

  18. Let me correct what I posed a moment ago. I too am from Birmingham, and that bakery was Dortch Baking Company. IF James Smith sees this, would you please see if you can get the original recipe for those Buddy Bars. I would sure love to have some of those.

  19. NOTHING will TOP the ORIGINAL one we enjoyed back in the ’50s.
    “LITTLE DEBBIE’S” ARE pretty GOOD , but does not satisfy my taste in THEM.

  20. Buddy Bar and a cold glass of milk. In the early 50’s my grandmother worked at Dortch’s. She would come to Anniston to visit us and bring a bag of “blems” from the production line. They were generally fragments, but were delicious. I haven’t found any of the modern knock-offs to be as good. Nutty Bars are probably the closest to the original. .

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