Bubblicious Bursts vs Freshen Up

I know, gum isn’t really a “snack” but it is something I consider a snack substitute and according to childhood folklore, it can end up being an 8 year snack if you swallow it.  Gum plays such a big part of my life I just felt I had to include it.  Although, I haven’t had this particular gum in many years, I felt it was worthy of a taste test.
In a perfect world, Chewels and Tidal Wave would still be around and I could include them in this comparison but these are the only two liquid-center gums currently available.

First up, Bubblicious:
This gum is very sweet, the bubble gum flavor is apparent but is kind of masked by the overwhelming sweeteness.  The liquid center has a little thickness so it doesn’t just spill out (although normally it shouldn’t matter because it’s in a mouth anyway).  The texture is nice and soft and is elastic enough to blow some  bubbles, not the best, but okay.

Freshen Up:
I had high hopes for this classic but even though the initial flavor was decent, it only lasts for what seems like only a few seconds.  The liquid center is much more gooey and kind of gross.  The chew on this is pretty bad, there’s is no elasticity so in under a minute I found myself chewing on a hard, tasteless wad of something that resembled gum.

Wrap up:
Bubblicious wins this round but I think more because Freshen Up is so bad.  I did happen to randomly find a third party sold only as individual pieces but I it looks like it’s a Bubblicious product:

But I guess why would they make two liquid-center gums?  I did a little looking online but didn’t really find anything on Bubbaloo so I can’t tell if this is a copy-cat or sister product.  I tried it and it looks and tasted like the Bubblicious except that it had better bubble blowing abilities.

Bubblicious or Freshen Up?

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6 thoughts on “Bubblicious Bursts vs Freshen Up

  1. Hey there – Just wanted to say I think the new blog is a fun idea. I especially love the cheez it / cheez nip graphic lol..

  2. Bubbaloo it’s produced by cadbury adams, it came out only in south america and mexico at first….i believe the late 80’s
    it’s really good, long lasting, great bubbles and it doesn’t stick to your face …
    it comes in a large variety of flavours like, tutti frutti, blueberry, strawberry, spicy orange… OVERALL REALLY GOOD… hope this helps you out…
    love the website!!!

  3. I would always buy Bubbaloo at the airport in Pakistan and chew it during take-off. It was awesome, so gooey and sweet! (although I was eight years old). With regards to availability, maybe it’s the bubblegum of choice of us tan skinned foreigners.

  4. I probably haven’t had Freshen Up. That being said,I haven’t even seen many of the products that get on SNS posts. I’ll bet that’s because I live in the upper midwest,where somehow the second rate products seem appealing because the biggest issue of every spring shows up: Flooding. ? That being said,Food Club foods and Shasta sodas seem to be the most common second rate products found in my house. ?

  5. Lucinda and I were JUST talking about Freshen Up gum yesterday! I kept singing the jingle to her while we were in the car, which I’m sure she found endearing. ? Anyway, I completely agree with you about the flavor lasting just a few seconds. Love the blog, and hope you have a wonderful birthday today, neighbor!

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