Swiss Rolls: Mrs. Freshley’s vs Little Debbie


We’ve done Swiss Rolls a few times and Ethan and have preferredthe Little Debbie version but we’re always up for finding and excuse to eat these so when we found Mrs. Freshley’s verison, we were happy to evaluate.

Mrs. Freshley’s:
We didn’t expect much from these but they smelled good.  Upon biting in to this we both found the cake to be very moist and soft.  The vanilla creme is really the star of the show, it was so creamy and delicious.  Ethan said the only thing not really amazing was the chocolate, it didn’t taste all that chocolatey but the creme was so good, it made up for the lack of chocolate flavor. 


Little Debbie:
Little Deb was held it’s shape a little better but the cake was just a teeny bit dryer (to me, not to Ethan).  We did notice there was even more of an absence of chocolate flavor.  Ehtan said it tasted more like a Twinkie than a Swiss Roll. Then I noticed that it actually smelled exactly like a Twinkie

Wrap up:
We’d still eat a Little Deb Swiss Roll but were really impressed with the Mrs. Freshly’s roll, it was just so delightful.  A surprise but for the first time we’ll say Little Deb Swiss Rolls has a superior.

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9 thoughts on “Swiss Rolls: Mrs. Freshley’s vs Little Debbie

  1. Bah, can’t these folks figure out how to make swirly-cakey-goodies without partially hydrogenated oils??

  2. i have only had little debbie swiss rolls! so i guess i like them better, but dont feel bad Mrs. freshleys:)

  3. Love the 100 calorie. Taste better than t he regular ones. I”m upset that our Wal-Mart iosn’t gping to carry them anymore. Is there somewhere else I can get them.

  4. Little Debbie.. all the way! Not a healthy choice, but a tasty one for sure. I think Hostess HoHos are the only thing I have had like these and they do not stand a chance.
    Eat an apple ? its better for you!

  5. the best way to enjoy the little deb version of this treat is throw the box in the freezer as soon as you get home from the store and wait about 4 hours. they don’t really freeze up but the change in texture elevates the whole experience to possibly a culinary event.then again maybe i need to get out more

  6. Little Debbie’s use way too much sugar. The thing is if, you eat one or two of them, you will like LD better, but if you pig out and eat more than two of them, you’ll notice the sugar, something you don’t get from other brands

  7. jeffysr
    You’re right. Freezing LD swiss rolls is an ultimate treat. I really like the chill and firmness (I miss my husband saying that about…) I need to get out more as well. Maybe we can do a meet up of us sugar addicts at the Hollywood Bowl. Maybe WB Looney Tunes night. We all fit.

  8. I a big fan on quality saving & taste.even though I was raised on little Debbie the price changed dramatically over the years & so did the taste. Thumb down to the taste of the little taste now it’s hard to get that fun taste of a kid from the pie but Mr Freshly’s gives me that for filling satisfaction taste every time,along with the fair price. Just because something is cheaper doesn’t mean it’s any lesser to me. (I appreciate something.)

  9. WOW. I actually found this post because I just ate my first Mrs. Freshley’s Swill Roll and was AMAZED at how much better they taste than Little Debbie’s! My husband brought them home from Family Dollar and I was expecting them to be subpar. They’re a little bit smaller; but they taste SO MUCH BETTER! I’m shocked. I honestly don’t know how anyone would prefer little debbie if they’ve had both. I guarantee you if you put them in a taste test, the Mrs. Freshley’s would win.

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