Goober vs Stripes

I’ve never ever been tempted to try Smucker’s Goober.  First, because I’m not a big grape jelly fan and second I always like to have a little more control over of mt PB to jelly ratio.  Also, I am a hardcore Teddie crunchy addict.  There’s just nothing like it (to me).  But of course now that I found a doppelganger for it, I’d have to try both.

Goober looked okay with it’s smooth PB and shiny jelly stripes. 
We tasted and…blah.  I was really surprised at the total absence of peanut flavor.  the jelly was so ultra-sweet that it really just tasted like pure corn syrup with maybe a hint of grape.  the over all consistency of the product was very “manufactured”; it felt like two kinds of plastic on my tongue.  Ethan agreed.

Stripes peanut butter was much darker looking but had the same plasticy feel.  I felt it did have a little more peanut flavor but Ethan detected some bitterness too.

Wrap up:
I guess I’d side with Stripes because of the slight peanut flavor, which beat the no-peanut flavor of Goober.
Ethan sided with Goober because he liked the jelly better.  We both agreed that both are pretty gross though and won’t be eating more than the teaspoonfool we had tonight.

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17 thoughts on “Goober vs Stripes

  1. Ugh….they both sound pretty foul! Goobers have a special place in my family, though. During the rare times my family visited the hawaiian islands when we were young, my dad would get a loaf of wonder bread and a jar of goobers to make lunch go that much faster so we could get back to the beach!

  2. I’ve heard that Goober was really gross. Never wanted to try it. I’m a die hard extra crunchy peanut butter fan anyway.
    Glad to see more posts on this site. ?

  3. Nearly bought Goober so many times… but all good peanut butter should be served with a dollop of Nutella instead. ?

  4. I don’t each much PB myself, but I’d have to go with Stripes. The open container looked like it had a “winking Brown Eye” in the center, instead of Goober’s PB&J swirl. That’s just plain funny. I’d add raisins for a dingleberry effect.

  5. Ewww! This time there should be a NEITHER option. Peanut butter and jelly should NOT kept together in the same jar.

  6. don’t trust these people, commenters. these things are delicious. if you eat food at all, you’ll enjoy it.

  7. True story: When we were kids, my cousin handed me a piece of bubblegum – one of those big round impossible-to-chew pieces. I popped the gum in my mouth, chewed for a second, and I can’t begin to describe the Awful that ensued. What was this flavor, you ask? “Peanut Butter & Jelly”. Now I can’t begin to explain why anyone would think this was a good idea for gum, but the “Goober/Stripes” stuff tastes a lot like that did. It’s a revolting artificial flavor that manages to taste like neither peanut butter or jelly.
    The Bubblegum Incident was easily 15 years ago and it still haunts me. Side note: have you ever been ill (read: trashed) and aware that you needed to vomit before you were going to get better (read: pass out)? This wasn’t always the easiest thing in the world to do… until this flavor came along. It was literally my go-to thought when such things needed to occur, and it was extremely effective.
    Hey, maybe that can be their marketing campaign? “You’ll need the memory of this stuff in the future!”

  8. Goober grape is AWESOME. I love it. And you can definitely taste the peanut butter and the jelly. You probably just like a touch of jelly in your peanut butter but for those of us who like equal proportions you will like this.
    They also have Goober Strawberry.

  9. What?! I love Goober! I was raised on the stuff and have been known to eat it right out of the jar!

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