5th Avenue vs Butterfinger

To be honest, I never even knew what a 5th Avenue bar was (besides something I traded after Trick or Treating) until a couple of weeks ago when we were thinking of some second rate items and Ethan recalled that it might be similar to a Butterfinger.  On the wrapper it states “crunchy peanut butter” in milk chocolate, which seemed similar enough to Butterfinger so we gave them a try.

5th Avenue:
I found 5th Ave. to have a great PB to chocolate ratio and very peanut buttery flavor.  The salt and sweet contrast was perfect and the middle was nice and flaky.  Ethan however felt there was too much chocolate and the peanut butter did not have a lot of flavor.

I thought Butterfinger had much less peanut butter taste and was more like hard toffee, which stuck in my teeth.  I thought there was not enough chocolate to balance it out either.  Ethan thought this had more PB flavor than 5th Ave. and a more enjoyable amount of chocolate and in general thought this was a much better bar.

Wrap up.  Confusion. We felt completely opposite about these bars.  I’m not a fan of the whole crunchy-flaky peanut butter thing anyway, but if given a choice I would absolutely pick the 5th Ave over the Butterfinger and Ethan felt the same way about Butterfinger over 5th Ave.  We totally could not understand each other’s feeling about these bars but I guess these have enough “personality” that it might be fair to say there was no clear second rate version, just personal preference.

5th Ave. or Butterfinger?

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13 thoughts on “5th Avenue vs Butterfinger

  1. If it was possible, I would’ve chosen both, so I voted for 5th Avenue since it was lagging behind in the polls. I’ve always loved both bars and think they are completely interchangeable. Now you should do Heath vs. Skor! ?

  2. Sila-Lumenn,
    I feel the same way you do, so I voted for Butterfinger. Hopefully we’ll cancel each other out ?

  3. Of these two bars, I prefer 5th Avenue. However, the Clark bar puts both of them to shame. It’s a great balance of chocolate and peanut butter flavor. It also has the perfect texture. It’s almost like a happy medium between the flakiness of the 5th Avenue and the toffee-like quality of the Butterfinger. They’re hard to find (especially fresh ones), but if you see one somewhere you should definitely give it a try!

  4. I don’t have a preference between the two, but the company that fills the machines at work obviously does: They only ever have Butterfingers.

  5. 5th avenue definetly has some Nostalgic feelings for me ^^; Mainly because I live about 10 minutes away from Hershey, but also to me its more flaky and a little more buttery.

  6. 5th avenue blows butterfinger away, clearly. it actually tastes like peanut butter! butterfinger is so hard you could chip a tooth on it and it sticks to the molars like a thick set cement. i can hear my teeth crying when i eat one.
    clark bars are pretty good too.

  7. The Clark Bar beats both. Too bad it’s so hard to find.
    And for sheer elegance, nothing beats a fresh Zagnut.

  8. I love both, but am I the only one who remembers being able to buy 5th avenues by the bagful as a pennsylvanian kid? It was a couple of pounds, and they were broken into various size pieces. I don’t remember if it was real 5th avenues or knock offs, but oh where they just as good either way. I guess if I had a choice, I’d go with the lighter/flakier 5th avenue…now I need to go to the store.

  9. I also like both candy bars. I do miss the two chocolate covered almonds that used to be on top of the Fifth Avenue. When did they stop doing that? Butterfingers are very flakey with very fresh. As they age, they get that gooey, stick-to-your-teeth quality. I had forgotten about Clark Bars – don’t they have a semi-soft peanut butter center?

  10. I picked up a 5th Avenue bar knowing nothing about it,Wow!!!! So much better than butterfinger. Not even close. No more butterfinger for me!!!

  11. I used to love eat Butterfinger back in 90’s. Then one day I bought 5th Avenue WOW! Butterfinger taste too much buttery peanut, maybe salty and chocolate wasnt rich, plus its stuck in my teeth and/or upper mouth. I had to stick my finger and knock out from stuck. 5th Avenue taste just right amount of buttery peanut and chocolate is perfect balance. I used to break pieces bar and put on the vanilla ice cream in the glasses. Im sticking to same 5th Avenue. Yummy. Sorry.

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