Twizzlers vs Red Vines

Twizzlers are everywhere but I’m not sure where RedVines are available, I picked these up in Oregon but I don’t think I’ve ever seen them in New England.  Maybe they’re a strictly regional thing like Mello Yello (any readers in the South want to send me a can?) I just haven’t noticed them in my local stores, so I grabbbed a pack when I saw them (and paid for them). Twizzlers state that they’re strawberry flavored while RedVines are I guess…implied strawberry(?)…they’re just labeled as “Red Bars”.

These have a nice smell to them, when unwrapped.  We couldn’t really say that they taste like strawberry though. Ethan said they “taste red”.  The Twizzlers had a nice firm chew, yet broke down nicely after two bites.  And we liked that they’re mild and not overly sweet.  We also thought the diagonal ‘tread’ added to the enjoyment of this treat and while they looked plasticy, they were nice and soft and we found ourselves really enjoying them.

Ethan thought these looked looked like they came out of the Playdo Fun Factory.  The RedVines didn’t have a smooth sheen like Twizzlers and were stickier when chewed.  There was also a noticeable difference in flavor: these tasted very artificial. We tried to identify the taste and came up with soap.  Not a fancy berry-vanilla-waterfall-fusion soap, more like a dissolve-puke-on-the-cafeteria-floor-industrial strength cleaner.  These were not enjoyable at all.

Wrap up:

RedVines need not apply.  I can’t imagine walking into a store, seeing both of these and not picking Twizzlers.  Red Vines are void of taste and texture, the ONLY saving grace of RedVines might be that they have a bigger hole that could be used as a straw if you really needed a straw.

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21 thoughts on “Twizzlers vs Red Vines

  1. Yeah the redvines are pretty much ninjas in a chewy red body. i love those things with a passion and it definatly puts twizzlers to shame. if i was a twizzler i would walk into the nearest four lane interstate highway. they definatly do not have a soapy flavor and idk what it was that u ate, mabey an alien or something, cuz the redvines are without a doubt the most beasty things ever. twizzlers should just be glad they look similar to the redvines

  2. I THINK! I had twizzlers one time there OKAY!But not the best! A few days ago I had some Red vines. They tasted a bit funny and if you have ever had sarsaparilla drink? it tasted a little like that! If that’s the common taste can someone tell me if thats the norm? Cause if it is I’m not getting them again!

  3. Twizzlers copied RedVines because Redvines were probably made before Twizzlers by just looking at the logo. Twizzlers have a gross, plasticity flavor which is very unappealing to the mouth. RedVines are easy to chew and fun to eat. They are not known to be sweet but something that is good to chew on. Twizzlers are very hard and takes all longs time to chew and swallow. They all get separated piece by piece when you chew them. Redvines become a pleasantl mushy substance where you can get it swallowed easily. Therefore, I think RedVines are much better than the fail imitations that attracts people that never knew RedVines in their life.

  4. red vines are pretty much THE DEVIL’S TENTACLES. for anyone to think they are better than twizzlers is ludicrous, or worse yet, an indication they are from the west coast.

  5. I’m Red Vines also, but also thought somebody ought to note that the captions on the pictures are reversed – the Red Vines are labeled Twizzlers and vice-versa. Perhaps that accounts for the bizarre preference for Twizzlers.

  6. I agree with Ron Weasley and Harry Potter.
    Favorite way to say red wines with a German accent?
    RED VINES!!!!!!!

  7. Ok so I grew up in Dallas Texas and have had Red Vines and Twizzlers my entire life…. I like Twizzlers, but there is no comparison I’ll take the Red Vines any day they are more of an old fashion tasting candy; while twizzlers taste more waxy and kind of oily.

  8. Twizzlers come in strawberry now but the original twizzlers were the cherry flavored ones. I wish twizzlers were a little less plastic-y (maybe its the shine?) but other than that, strawberry twizzlers are my favorite candy as long as we are not comparing to chocolate. LOL my friend just now told me they are making chocolate twizzlers now too! Hmmm not so sure I wanna try that, I dont wanna be disappointed lol.

  9. We had 13 people trying redvines. We were split down the middle over liking them. It was decided that comparing Twizzlers & redvines is like comparing apples & oranges. We get Twizzlers here in WI.

  10. OK, lets get this straight. Redvines are nasty. They are made from recycled tire scraps from the Goodyear plant. I mean they taste like chemicals. Twizzlers are the best. I can eat like 20 of them easily. They have a great strawberry taste that lasts. Twizzlers rule.

  11. I Just Love Twizzlers. And I Mean love Twizzlers. But I would Like to clear the air of some things. For a first Red vines “Red licorice flavor¨ Is Not red licorice. Red licorice Is not actually licorice But rather a mix of flavors and chemicals So that original taste is nothing more than a bunch of chemicals.It got its red licorice title because it looked like a Red version of Black Licorice(real licorice).Besides the Twizzlers taste is just great ,plus unlike red vines they don´t go stale which I find is a real problem with the candy.I would Also Like to say I have tried both candies constantly I just find the fun flex and great fruity taste of Twizzlers more enjoyable were I come (California )from Twizzlers are better known but red vines have nearly the same amount of publicity as Twizzlers and feel sad that people just don´t like the candy . The flex makes the candy not breaks it . So Chew on that Red vines and Twizzlers twisters
    P.S I love Twizzlers , and Red Vines come to a Close 52nd after the hated butterfingers.

  12. So for both red vines and twizzlers a lot of people want to state opinions and lore as FACT. However with the Internet you can look at their individual websites for ingredients and of the red red vines and twizzlers twist. Neither have licorice TRUTH aka a FACT.
    Here are the answers per their own websites, not wiki, or a taste test site.
    Do Red Vines® Original Red® Twists contain real licorice root or extract?
    Only Red Vines® Black Licorice Twists contain licorice extract. For more information about the ingredients in Red Vines® products, visit the products page.
    So they are both fake, flour, oil, flavours, and of course SUGAR.
    I’ve never had red vines BUT already noticed a difference in the way the parent companies handles the info sharing and other faqs. Hershey made it difficult to find the actual ingredients, and was mostly a commercial on the twizzlers site. I didn’t have to look on red vines for long they offered a fans tab. Within that they have many questions about the freshness of the product and stale issues. They date expiration date seems to be important. I like that this was right out front ready to deal with.
    If I find some I’ll taste test myself and family.
    Until then the red sugary plastic-y ropes that do gum in my teeth shall be my fave and always an enjoyable nom even if I find a new love with red vines.

  13. I would like to point out that many people prefer stale red vines which makes them chewier,which was some of the complaints people had about Twizzlers, not to mention that the original taste that so many red vines fans have praised has no distinct flavor .I mean is it cherry, strawberry ? It could be avocado for all we know . And while both candies contain no actual licorice I think the Twizzlers flavors are more pronounced and better tasting and I enjoy the flex texture. Also not to mention the fact that redvines overall suck.

  14. Starburst Twists. Hands down. Except they don’t make them any more…? I vote Twizzlers, since they don’t make the other ones any more.

  15. From Indiana and much prefer the Red Vines. Twizzlers are made from factory second strawberry candle wax…

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