Candy Coated Eggs: Hershey’s vs Cadbury

I feel like Cadbury really has the market cornered on chocolate eggs they seemed creme eggs recently and today I found a Hershey version of the Cadbury candy coated, or “crisp sugar shell” milk chocolate eggs.
On the back of the Cadbury bag it actually states that they’re made by Hershey’s (which in case anyone is wondering is the only version of Cadbury handily available) but we wanted to see if there was a difference in product.

These have a smooth, thick candy shell that Ethan described as “airy”.
He also though the chocolate was kind of like a cross between milk and dark chocolate, but more like milk. I also thought it had a little dark flavor to it, not much but since I’m not usually a milk chocolate fan, there was something appealing about this.

These eggs have a thin, rougher textured shell that feels a little sharper when bitten into.
Ethan and I were consistent with our previous feelings about Cadbury chocolate. Ethan really likes the creaminess and says this chocolate has “charisma”. I feel the intense creaminess makes the chocolate thick and then makes me really thirsty. I do like that these are a little smaller than the Hershey’s eggs.

Wrap up:
Kind of a split decision. Ethan very much liked the Cadbury eggs, I liked the chocolate in the Hershey’s eggs but really am not a fan of this format but if the Cadbury shell could be filled with the chocolate from the Hershey’s egg then I’d pick that.

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11 thoughts on “Candy Coated Eggs: Hershey’s vs Cadbury

  1. GAHHHHHHHH! I love Cadbury mini eggs! I love them so much that least year at this time when I was pregnant and couldn’t bear the sight, smell or taste of chocolate (I know!) I bought a bag of them and put them in the freezer. My 14 y/o son would open the freezer and gaze at them longingly and ask “When are we going to eat these? I’ll be happy when you’re eating chocolate again” to which I replied “Step off. They’re mine and I’ll eat them when I’m not pregnant any more”. And I did.
    I haven’t purchased any yet this season but this post has inspired me to get some. Soon.

  2. I have always liked the Hershey’s eggs better. This site has inspired me and I am going out tonight to get a bag of each and do my own taste test. I will report back with my findings. My prediction is that I will still like the Hershey’s better, but in the interest of science and candy lovers everywhere I vow to tell the truth, no matter which it turns out I like best.

  3. I actually feel the opposite of the way you do. I’d like to have the Cadbury chocolate in the Hershey shell. It’s not that I don’t like the Cadbury shell; it’s just that it kind of reminds me of a jawbreaker, which seems sort of weird to be eating with chocolate. I find eating them to be a lot like eating white chocolate flavored ice cream: it tastes good, but my mind can’t seem to get past the fact that what I’m eating looks like vanilla but tastes like chocolate. In the same way, Cadbury mini eggs are definitely tasty, but the look and texture of the jawbreaker shell throws me off a little in the context of the chocolate. That probably makes no sense whatsoever, but that’s what my brain comes up with for these little candies. At any rate (ha! there really was no pun intended), I like both of these candies enough to continue eating them throughout the Easter season.

  4. I just noticed what looks like a leaf under the Cadbury Mini Eggs bag. Is that your version of authentic Easter grass or did the Easter bunny deliver early? It’s a nice touch. It adds authenticity. (I kid, I kid.) ?

  5. Cadbury Eggs Are The Best Milk Chocolate EGGS EVER!!! I Love the crisp sugar shell it tastes much better than the Hersheys…because
    the cadbury eggs are a bit smaller and they taste
    good…I Vote For Cadbury:] lol

  6. CADBURY SOLD ITS SOUL TO THE DEVIL (HERSHEYS) WHICH ALREADY HAD A PACT WITH THE DEVIL. They are adding fake “cocoa butter” known as PGPR. Their chocolate in Europe and Canada don’t have this. USA SUCKS! Hershey’s is pretty bad, but the original Cadbury eggs were pretty good.

  7. The difference is in the chocolate, duh, if you like Hershey chocolate you will like the Hershey eggs, if you like Cadbury chocolate, you will like the Cadbury eggs. It is simple.

  8. I grew up with Cadbury in my Easter basket every Easter. If you were to put Hersheys in there, I would just ignore them. Cadbury is just nostalgic and best for the kids in my opinion. Hershey can be good too, but even trying to grow up like Hershey syrup…couldn’t like it at all. lol Can’t blame me.

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