Devil Dogs vs Devil Cremes

Devil Dogs are one of my brother-in-law Rick’s favorite things. When I saw these Little Debbie “Devil Cremes”, I had to bring them up to New Hampshire and have him give his opinion.
What my sister and I never liked about Devil Dogs is how dry the cake is. I found out that Ethan felt the same way and even Rick admitted they are a bit dry.
I’m actually surprised they’re still made because of how dry they are but I guess enough people don’t mind.

Devil Dogs:
We all agreed the cake was pretty dry. I felt that it also wasn’t very chocolaty and Ethan said both the cake and the creme were artificial tasting and had a slight chemical aftertaste. Steph and mom weren’t impressed either but Rick seemed fine with it even with the admitted dryness of cake.

Devil Cremes:
Mom thought these looked more appealing because they’re darker, I agreed. The cake was soft and moist and Rick pointed out that they were thinner, making for a more balanced creme-to-cake ratio. I liked the creme because it was like what they use in their Swiss Rolls. Mom said she could live without them (as she says about most things) but they weren’t bad.

Wrap up:
Devil Cremes win. Even Rick, who confidently declared Devil Dogs would win even before tasting both, strayed from his favorite and went with Little Deb. Everything was better about these, the cake, creme and overall balance. I guess like mom, I could live without either, but if I had to choose, I’d definitely pick Devil Creme over Devil Dog.

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8 thoughts on “Devil Dogs vs Devil Cremes

  1. I’d like to cast my write-in vote for Hostess Suzy-Q as the best packaged Whoopie Pie on the market. I grew up with them, and their still my favorite!

  2. We pretty much always had a box of Little Debbie Devil Cremes in the house when I was growing up. You really don’t realize just how good they are until you have another dry, bland version like Devil Dogs. As an odd side note, my cat ate one of these once. Someone had dropped it on the floor and we didn’t notice until the Devil Dog was 3/4 gone and my cat was licking her lips. I’ve always heard that chocolate wasn’t good for animals, but I guess it was okay since she lived for many years after that. I wonder if she used one of her nine lives on a snack cake… (And an Andes mint, but that’s another story…) ?

  3. Heather, chocolate is poisonous to dogs, but not cats. I looked it up once when one of my cats was snatching chocolate somethings from me. I don’t remember what it was, but I got worried. Not that it’s ‘good’ for them, but then again, my cat likes to sneak a sip of my screwdrivers when I’m not paying attention!

  4. ugh – I usually agree with you, but not this time! Devil Cremes are definitely nowhere near as good as Devil Dogs – definitely! ?

  5. As a dedicated Devil Dog household we never thought to stray, but your research led us to purchase a box of Devil Cremes, and we will never go back to DD’s. Thanks!!! :^)

  6. Wow – fun idea for a blog!
    I’m in England, and the great fun of this blog is that I’ve never heard of most of these brands, and have no idea which ones are the popular ones and which are the second-rate snacks. We also don’t have so many crazy snacks over here… there seem to be so many bizarre creme filled things in America. Also, apparently many of the ingredients over there are banned in these parts for health reasons.

  7. I just posted a similar comment on your L.D. vs Hostess Choc Cupcakes post. I really like the idea of this blog. You guys might find The Junk Monitor or interesting too. SnackBracket is my site devoted to an NCAA tournament-style snack cake competition were readers can submit their picks and then see how they do vs our judge. It’s a video blog…

  8. I have tried both Little Debbie and Hostess and as my mom alway’s said Little Debbie is the best snack cake and the best priced.

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