Starbucks Frappuccino vs Caribou Iced Coffee Drink

I always thought of bottled Frappuccino as a disappointment because if you go to Starbucks and order a Frappuccino, you get something that resembles a frappe (or as some parts of the country call it a milkshake, although I won’t get into the fact that a frappe has ice cream and a milkshake is just milk and syrup but anyway…) So being that the bottled version is more like an iced coffee, when I saw Caribou’s “coffee drink” I felt these were close enough to compare. Ethan doesn’t drink coffee at all so I evaluated these on my own.

I usually drink iced coffee black with no sugar so of course this took a little bit of adjusting to. It’s very milky and they’re not shy on the sweetening. I almost had a hard time detecting the coffee flavor at all but it is in there it’s just over powered by the milk and sugar. Too sweet to drink more than the amount poured in this picture.

Caribou Coffee Drink:
Caribou is noticeably darker. A little easier on the sugar as well but still somehow lacking coffee flavor. I feel like there is a mocha quality to this and even checked the ingredients to see what they added to make this not taste like coffee but coffee is the first ingredient followed by milk, sugar, sodium bicarbonate and then “natural flavors”. I kept tasting it expecting this to get better but it just didn’t.

Wrap up:
I don’t feel so good. Both are pretty sugary and I don’t respond well to that. Between the overwhelming milkiness of the Frappuccino and the odd, non-coffee taste to Caribou’s coffee drink, I never want to have either of these again. Usually wherever you’d buy one of these (mini-mart), there should be a Dunkin’ Donuts nearby (if you’re in New England) so just hold out a few more minutes and get a real iced coffee instead.

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12 thoughts on “Starbucks Frappuccino vs Caribou Iced Coffee Drink

  1. I don’t frequent Starbucks, but I do on occasion enjoy their bottled Frappuccino. I find it to be extremely sweet, so to you it must feel like your teeth have rotted away.

  2. In Australia a milkshake is made with milk, syrup, and icecream. I didn’t realise it wasn’t made like that in the USA. The frappucino looks good though. I don’t like dark coffee.

  3. I don’t know about the rest of the U.S. but here in Atlanta, a milkshake is milk and ice cream. Sometimes a chocolate shake has Hershey’s syrup, but I’d rather have it with chocolate ice cream.

  4. I hate iced coffee, although I would drink hot coffee. So both of these sound like yuck in a glass.

  5. Instead of “…that a frappe has ice cream and a milkshake is just milk and syrup” did you mean to say “…that a MILKSHAKE has ice cream and a FRAPPE is just milk and syrup”?

  6. I’ll clarify.
    I know it sounds crazy to other parts of the world except in New England, but milkshakes are traditionally just milk and syrup. As wacky as that sounds, they don’t have ice cream. A traditional New England milkshake with ice cream is called a Frappe. This was the rule where I worked a summer at an ice cream place and people were very particular when ordering either a milkshake or a frappe. But yes, “milkshake” has a universal definition as being ice cream, milk and syrup. In New England it’s different, which doesn’t always translate so well out of our little corner of the states. So I meant what I said ?

    Speaking of regional dialect. While on business in Atlanta I managed to track down a Dunkin Donuts. When I walked in and asked for a large regular coffee the person behind the counter asked how I would like it made, to which I said ‘regular’. His reply, “Sir what’s regular to you might not be regular to me”. I explained to him that I was from New England and that is how we order it up here. He got a kick out of my explanation of a regular … three pumps of cream and enough sugar to make a small angel food cake. LOL

  8. I so miss drinking Frappes at Friendly’s!
    Has anyone tried the Cafe Bustelo canned coffee drinks? I’ve been trying to find it, but I guess my city isn’t hipster enough to sell such things.

  9. Frappes at Friendly’s? Bah, Frappe’s at Bailey’s! Friendly’s went with the headache-inducing Fribble as a legal dodge after trying to co=opt some RI based fountain concoction. I would never confuse *Iced Coffee* proper ( another beverage I first came to love at Bailey’s) , which as any fool kno, is black coffee on ice, period, with any dairy/ sugar containing beverage. That said, I’ve been known to guzzle a bottled Frapuccino. Maybe a few times a year, but never to be mistaken for the daily warm-weather beverage *Iced Coffee*.

  10. I never knew that about Milkshakes only being syrup and milk in New England. Here in the US we load em with ice cream and love the sweet tastes ?
    I prefer hot coffee, but I will say the cold drinks from Star Bucks arn’t bad if I’m in the mood for one…but I do enjoy all the suger they put in them, but I think it’s a US thing ?
    – Jessika

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