Donut Sticks: Mrs. Freshley’s vs Little Debbie

Again we have a Little Deb/Mrs. F showdown.  This time Mrs. F didn’t even change the name of her product, they’re both “Donut Sticks”.  I will admit I went into this a little biased because in the spring and summer of ’88 I had an addiction to Little D’s Donut Sticks.  Even now if I’m walking through the grocery store with my sister and she sees these, she’ll point at them, look at me and just say, “you”.  I forget how I kicked them, it probably had something to do with not fitting into my pants anymore, but the break was made and I went on to live a somewhat normal life.  From my last post of a Mrs. F product, we decided to get the worst over with so we tasted her donut sticks first.

Mrs. Freshley’s:
I had to admit it but I thought these looked pretty good.  They had a nice color and the glaze was proportionally distributed across the textured top.  When we opened these from the wrapper, Ethan thought they smelled like McDonald’s cookies. Biting into these, we noticed a slight lemon flavor in the glaze.  The crust was nice and crunchy although the inside didn’t have a lot substance, almost like a dry cup cake but not as bad as I we were expecting.

Little Debbie’s:
Oh Deb, we both done some changing over the years but, what happened?  This stick was very pale and pasty looking.  When we bit into these, they crumbled and fell apart. There is no donut taste, actually none at all, they only tasted like sugar and flour.  I was really surprised that these were no where near the addictive sticks I remembered from the days of yore. I took two small bites and that was all I could handle.

Wrap up:
I have to give Mrs. F some props here because even though it wasn’t as good as I remember Little Debbie’s being, her Donut Stick was much better.  The crispy crust and the glaze that actually had some flavor is what really gives her the win.  I’d say neither had a great inside or was good for dunking into coffee because they both were very dry and crumbly.  As disappointing as Little Deb’s were, I’m glad I don’t have to worry about becoming re-addicted.

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9 thoughts on “Donut Sticks: Mrs. Freshley’s vs Little Debbie

  1. Little Debbie Donut Sticks are one of those foods that I always see in the snack aisle and want to buy, but never do because I know that they really aren’t very good. They’re just one of those foods that I have to keep reminding myself that I don’t like, despite my instinct to buy them. (Other examples include cinnamon applesauce, McRib sandwiches, and Butterfinger Crisp bars.) It sounds weird, but does anyone else have foods like that?

  2. I’ve never tried donut sticks – ever! I tend to be a stickler for enjoying real donuts LOL. But the first one definitely LOOKS more appetizing!
    Hey, do you know what happened to the brownie cake thingies that used to be on the market? I think it was a little debbie brand – maybe not – anyway, it was a chocolate little mini-cake thing and had little tiny walnut pieces in them. I miss those so much. My ass doesn’t, but *I* do!

  3. Oooh! I got chex mix! that’s swet! I love that thingy – very cool! I wonder what snak I’ll get this time!

  4. @ Heather.
    For me, Pop-Tarts are exactly like that. The new flavors so good and tempting, but are hugh let-downs. I don’t ever buy them because they’re infinitely dissapointing. When I do buy them I force myself to go through all of them (it usually takes a few weeks) so I learn my lesson.
    Ben & Jerry’s ice cream is the same way for me, but I know I’m in the minority with that preference.
    Little Debbies products are the same way. They just taste like sugar IMO.

  5. I feel the same way about the new Pop-Tarts flavors. The last new flavor I tried and actually liked was Hot Fudge Sundae. However, after buying three kinds I wasn’t a big fan of (Chocolate Chip, Hot Chocolate, and Strawberry Cheese Danish), I tend to stick with the individual packs of the standard flavors that I find at convenience stores. I’d like to try the Vanilla Milkshake Pop-Tarts, but I probably won’t buy them simply because I know if they’re gross, it will take forever to get through the whole box. As for Ben & Jerry’s ice cream, I think it’s highly overrated. To me, it has this old, freezer burned kind of taste. Then again, maybe it’s just because I’m not as fond of “hard” ice cream as I am of soft serve. Little Debbies aren’t great, but I’ll cut them some slack since they’re so cheap.

  6. I actually LOVE Little Debbie donut sticks, more than life. I loooove that it is just sugar and flour – I am a supertaster and nearly all I eat is sugar. I love it!!!

  7. Little Debbie’s are my husband’s favorite. He actually when through Donut Stick withdrawal when our grocer stopped selling them 6 months ago. But he just found them elsewhere last week.

  8. I don’t think I’ve even seen either kind of donut stick. And may I just point out that there are two definitions of donut? The first one is the kind that’s glazed,has frosting and sprinkles on it,and is edible. The other kind of donut is a big donut shaped ring that baseball players use to make their bat feel heavy while they’re in the on deck circle. Once it’s their turn to bat,they take the donut off the bat and the bat somehow feels lighter. :-/

  9. I would be interested in seeing a four-way match up between these two brands as well as Duchess Dunking Sticks and Hostess Dunkin’ Sticks. Let’s GET IT ON!

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