Doritos vs Uncle Ray’s

I never noticed Uncle Ray products until I started this blog, but he likes to take a swing at popular products like Doritos so I thought we’d compare these two.  One of the first things I noticed was the similarities in package design with a red background and two chips.  Uncle Ray’s backside (wait, what?) tells a tale of some sort of life lesson.  On the back of this bag was Chapter 30, a story of how he still feels guilty about eating some peaches from a neighbor’s tree when he was 10, and gives advice on demonstrating self-control.  Anyway, both of these are of the Nacho Cheese variety.

Between 4 of us tasting these we agreed that Doritos have a nice roasted corn flavor and good crunch.  There was just enough flavor on the chip and we found there was a nice mild tang to to the cheese.

Uncle Ray’s:
We noticed these were paler than Doritos and had less flavor.  They also seemed very dry and overbaked.  Someone said these were like “toasted cardboard” and smelled like “dry catfood”, which after hearing, Ethan couldn’t get out of his head because it actually did.

Wrap up:
Some things are worth the extra 30¢ and Doritos is one of them.  The difference was clear.  I never thought of Doritos as a high-quality product but compared to Uncle Ray’s, they really are.  I will give Uncie Raysome credit though for having a more interesting bag by including one in a series of life lessons and giving you something to ponder while eating “toasted cardboard”.

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10 thoughts on “Doritos vs Uncle Ray’s

  1. As a Doritos fanatic in my teens, I often found myself settling for knockoffs like Uncle Rays. It’s amazing how they all had pretty much the same bland flavor. But I never realized just how bad it was until we did the taste test. I guess there’s a good reason why Doritos are the popular favorite.

  2. I miss the good ol’ original taco flavored ones from the 70’s and 80’s. They brought them back a couple of years ago but the weren’t the same.
    Also I remember downing a whole bag of Salsa Rio flavored ones back in college (with a good amount of beer, yikes) and well…not holding it down for long. Needless to say, I never liked the Salsa Rio flavored ones after that. Apparently no one else did either as they were discontinued.

  3. I’ve gotten a few Uncle Ray snacks over the years and they always have that preachy nonsense on them. Uncle Ray knows that if were just handing out flyers on a street corner people would be tossing them out or just shoving him out of the way and calling him a crazy-ass old fool, but if he makes you buy them with chips inside you might take a few minutes and read about how he got beaten up in grade school or whatever.
    Cheap snacks for us, cheap therapy for him, right?

  4. Uncle Ray’s potato chips are a lot better, although the garlic ones are so insanely garlicy that they’re almost inedible.
    While I don’t have any notable memories about Doritos aside from the experimental flavor, I will probably lie on my death bed thinking about the time Uncle Ray worked in the galley of a Navy ship, and served a sailor a grilled cheese cooked on the flatiron after it had been soaped down for cleaning.

  5. Tom’s Dorito knockoff are pretty decent too.
    I liked Doritos the best when they still came in the white bags with the clear “chip window”.
    Since they went to the new “colored plastic foil” bags, they don’t taste quite good any more.
    Don’t know if its all in my head or if they changed the recipe.

  6. Doritos did change their recipe, they have gotten
    more cheesy over the years. I like the original flavor better. Sometimes you can see a delivery truck for Doritos with a picture on the side(of the truck) with the way Doritos used to look…you can tell they’ve added more cheese over the years. I also miss the old recipe for Taco Doritos, these were awesome!

  7. I tried the Uncle Ray’s nacho cheese tortilla chips last week and when I started chewing on the first one I was immediately repulsed. I’m not exactly sure who ultimately is responsible for final taste approval at Ray’s, but whoever gave these the seal of approval to hit shelves thinking that people were going to love them has a numb tongue. It’s not that they just don’t taste like what we’re used to, if you never had a Dorito brand chip before, I’d bet you’d still say they’re disgusting. How do these make it to shelves?

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