Fig Newtons vs Fig Bars

I’ve always liked Fig Newtons, they remind me of family outings at the beach. Their fruit and cookie combo always felt like a substantial snack that rally satisfies – and tastes good too! Ethan doesn’t feel the same way but agreed to taste test because he’s such a good sport.
I found these Gonzo brand knock-offs at a gas station in Bellingham, MA. I haven’t seen them anywhere else, but maybe I just never noticed them.

Fig Newtons:
Fig Newtons have a nice golden brown color on the outside of the cookie. I haven’t had these in a while but the cookie seemed kind of dry, Ethan agreed but liked the sweet flavor of it anyway. The fig filling had a nice thick texture and dense fig flavor. I think it’s the best part of the Newton.

Fig Bars:
These were a little lighter, the cookie was thicker and not as well proportioned as far as cookie-to-fig ratio. I know it doesn’t look like it but the cookie was so thick, it masked the fig “experience”. I detected a weird chemical taste too. Ethan didn’t seemed to be bothered by it and liked the sweetness of the cookie

Wrap up:
I’d stick with Fig Newtons for the fig flavor and more natural taste. Ethan felt the Newtons were more natural tasting but the Gonzo brand was better as a tasty treat. I will say I like Gonzo’s packaging though. The scalloped lines at the top looks like a curtain rising to reveal the treat inside.  Nice font for “fig bars” too.

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3 thoughts on “Fig Newtons vs Fig Bars

  1. I have always felt that I would love a Newton with a better fresher fruit filling. I love the outer cake/cookie thing, but the inside was always a turn off for me. Maybe just a plain Newton, no fruit? I’d eat it.

  2. I love fig bars of many brands. Fig Newtons are alright but I just discovered the absolute best fig bar EVER. Little Debbie fig bars!!! I can’t say enough about them. They are moist and very tastey! I was skeptical because I usually don’t go in for Little Debbie snacks but it was either those or the Walmart off brand. I was so surprised, I think I have found my new snack of choice.

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