Nestle Crunch vs 3 for $1

I was in Walgreen today and saw a series of chocolate bars called 3 for $1. They come in 4 or 5 varieties but I picked “Double Crisp” and bought a Nestle Crunch to compare it to. Of course my dream match would be Crunch vs Krackle but Hershey’s no longer makes a full size Krackle. Although I will some day get a bag on Hershey’s Miniatures and test them against mini Crunches. I know it’s silly but I like the bars to be the same size.

I like Crunch’s thinness, I kind of compare it with getting deli meat sliced extra thin. Ethan and I agreed that there was plenty of rice crisps generously distributed throughout the bar. The only let down is the chocolate, which is lacking good chocolate flavor. Ethan said it was tasteless and I took another bite and agreed even though the wrapper claims “Now Even Richer Milk Chocolate”, it just seemed like a bland vehicle for the rice crisps.

3 for $1:
This bar was thicker and much sturdier than Crunch. The rice crisps dwelled at the bottom of the bar and seemed disproportionate to the amount of chocolate. I liked the taste of the chocolate better but Ethan said it was “gross” and “powdery”.

Wrap up:
Split. I liked the characteristics of Crunch more in every way except the bland chocolate and liked only the chocolate of the 3 for $1 however I’d pick 3 for $1 because the disappointment of Crunch mockolate was just too much. Ethan preferred Crunch despite the lack of flavor, he was really turned off 3 for $1’s powdery grossness and minimal crunch.

Nestle Crunch or 3 for $1?

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8 thoughts on “Nestle Crunch vs 3 for $1

  1. I’m pretty sure those 3 for $1 bars are manufactured by Palmer candies, the company that produces the holiday-themed chocolates that are staples of every drugstore.
    Your description of the 3 for 1 chocolate’s flavor seems consistent with Palmer…

  2. I’ve always had a problem with Nestle’s chocolate, it is SO bland, NOT chocolate in any sense of the word. If Cadbury made a version of this I think I would be in heaven.
    I voted for the 3×1 purely because I hate Nestle chocolate unless it’s on a Kit Kat. ?

  3. wait. you’re kidding me. having 2 reviewers ended in a split. amazing and unexpected.
    there’s a reason 90% if critics don’t do this.
    what am i supposed to take from this review?

  4. I always chuckle when I read a comment like this. This blog is just for fun, which I understand is a term that may not be familiar to everyone. I don’t know what to say except that sometimes we like everything about a product and sometimes we only like some things about a product.
    So the only thing I can guess you can take from this review is maybe to lighten up or find a more serious food blog that can give you the direction you’re looking for when choosing a snack. Good luck and happy snacking!

  5. i think some folks are taking their crisp rice bars a bit too seriously. perhaps one needs a grain of salt to accompany it.

  6. If it makes you feel any better about not having a Krackle to do the review with- Crunch Bars as not so good as they are, are at least still real chocolate. Unlike Hershey’s Krackle which is now just another Mockolate bar.

  7. The thing about the 3 for $1 bars is that there’s no cocoa butter in them, which is why they’re “chocolaty flavored” bars. Palmer’s chocolate is an intensely sweet cocoa bar with a low creaminess and mild graininess. It doesn’t melt as easily as regular chocolate, so it’s good for all the chocolate bunnies and chocolate santas that they make: the seasonal goodies hold their shape through the season. Still, at 33 or 34 cents apiece, the bars are a good candy deal.

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