Funyuns vs Onyums

I’ve only had Funyuns in the past but there are actually quite a few versions of puffed “onion” rings (actually puffed corn) which I was totally unaware of before I started looking for them.  The most similar in name was Onyums so I picked those.  Tonight’s tasting was with my sister, Elaine and brother-in-law, Zac.  We dug into these and evaluated.

We felt the Funyuns had a very good, satisfying crunch and a nice oniony flavor.  I felt they were a bit too salty but Elaine liked that and thought they were seasoned just right.  Zac liked these too but felt they were some what “drying” – maybe because of the salt that they left him reaching for a drink.

The first thing we noticed was that these were much lighter in texture and much “airier”.   Because of the airiness it was kind of like biting into styrofoam. These did not taste like onion very much.  Zac felt they tasted a little like ranch.  Elaine said she had to eat another Funyun just to get the taste of the Onyum out of her mouth.

Wrap up:
Funyuns wins this round, we felt they were just more tasty and satisfying in general but Zac did say if he didn’t have Funyuns right there to compare to that he’d probably just eat the Onyums if there was nothing else around.  I did notice though that between the two that Funyuns have partially hydrogenated oil and Onyums don’t so for health reasons (although you’d probably avoid either of these if you’re watching your health) you might want to go for the Onyums.

Funyuns or Onyums?

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8 thoughts on “Funyuns vs Onyums

  1. well i picked up a bag of onyums. and it had more of a taste of sourcream onion and ranch. more sourcream and ranch combo which is not a good mix.
    i like the fact that they had a softer crunch only if funyuns could taste like that.
    but still spend the extra .50 cents and get funyuns
    so funyuns still win the best tatse

  2. I’ve been looking all over for theseonyums but the loiusiana hot ones they had them at my neighborhood store 1 time and they never had them again i love them

  3. Found Louisiana Hot Sauce, Ranch, and original flavored onyums at big lots. I found the original flavor to have a sweeter vidalia kinda flavor. The Louisiana ones packed a punch and were pretty satisfying. All of the flavors were much more intense than a regular Funyun. Once I reached into the bags, I couldnt stop, especially the Original flavor. I also find the lighter texture to be much more satisfying than the firmer, grainier bite of Funyuns.

  4. We don’t have Onyuns in Minnesota,but I don’t blame Elaine for getting rid of the ranch flavor in her mouth. I don’t like ranch flavored chips,so I’d probably go for Funnyuns even if I had a choice.

  5. Hi, i’m from Canada…
    Near my house is one of those variety stores that has imported products, such as TaB and Cherry Coke, from the U.S. (I love Cherry Coke)
    At that store, they have an unnamed Korean brand of onion ring chips, with just the name “Onion Rings” on the cover, and what seems to be the company (?) “Nong Shim”.
    This may be useful to you.

  6. Tino, that’s a different product. It tastes crunchier than Funyuns, but don’t handle too well, the bag I tried had a lot of broken pieces. It had more of an “roasted onion oil” flavor – something that Nong Shim packs in their deluxe noodle ramen packs.
    I almost bought these at the Flying J truck stop gas station in Madera. I shook the bag, and I didn’t hear them crunching against each other – styrofoam like taste, which they have to season it heavily. Pass. Besides, they had Funyuns, and Andy Capp’s fries, better taste choices, but some truckers prefer their brand over anything.

  7. Actually, I prefer the boldness of flavor in Onyums. You can actually see the seasonings as well as taste them. They were a bit salty at first, but like everything else, the company is getting scarce with the seasonings. They are lighter, as was stated earlier. So, I’m going to stay with Onyums. It’s been about seven years now, and I’ve never considered Funyuns unless I had the craving and Onyums were nowhere to be found.

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