Glad there’s only one of: Sky Bar

Because of the popular demand (1 person) to post about Sky Bar, I just had to go ahead and do it. As mentioned in the candy hearts post, Sky Bar is made by Necco and will forever be my favorite candy bar. For those who are unfamiliar with Sky Bar, it’s a four-section milk chocolate bar and each “compartment” is filled with their caramel, vanilla, peanut or fudge.
As I’ve mentioned before, my sisters and I weren’t allowed too many treats growing up but Saturday nights were all about living it up. I have such fond memories of Saturday nights with my grandmother and sisters, eating Sky Bars while watching Love Boat…if we were awake long enough, Fantasy Island too. My sister likes them so much I’ll send them as a treat to her out in Oregon.

One thing I can never figure out is if they always package it opposite as the “map” on the front portrays but you can usually tell from looking at the bottom and seeing where the little bits of filling are showing where it was injected.

I’ve never cut a cross-section of a Sky Bar before so sorry it didn’t come out better and the photo really doesn’t do it justice, but from left to night is caramel, vanilla, peanut and fudge.
The caramel has a smooth and tooth-friendly texture, with a slight saltiness to it. Vanilla is like marshmallow and chocolate and marshmallow is one of my all-time favorite combinations (right up there with chocolate and peanut butter). The “peanut” in Sky Bar isn’t peanut butter, I’m not sure what it is but can only describe it as peanut caramel and has a very mild nutty flavor. Fudge is thick, smooth and chocolaty just like…fudge.
Unfortunately, Ethan doesn’t share my love for Sky bar – at all. He’s unimpressed with flavor and dared to describe vanilla as “gross”, peanut as “bland” and that in general they always taste stale to him. He rambled on but I just blocked him out.

Anyway, not sure about fellow Sky Bar lovers but I have an order I like to eat the sections in depending on my mood. If I’m going for instant gratification, I’ll go: Fudge, Marshmallow, Caramel and Peanut. If I’m feeling like going for a big finish, I’ll reverse the order. At certain times I may also switch Fudge and Marshmallow’s order.
You can check out Necco’s site here for more info on Sky Bar.

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19 thoughts on “Glad there’s only one of: Sky Bar

  1. Wow, I always knew there was a Sky Bar but didn’t know what it was. This sounds amazing! I’ll have to try it now.

  2. You are officially awesome! Thanks for taking my suggestion! For the record, I also have a preference about how I eat my Sky bar sections. I always eat them in order of least favorite (not that any of them are bad) to the one I like best. First I eat fudge, followed by caramel, then vanilla, and finally, peanut (mmmmm). I too have noticed the fact that the order is reversed from what the front of the package shows. I always take a little “sneaky” sort of bite to make sure I’m indeed starting with fudge. I know that sounds ridiculous, but hey, you don’t mess around with THE GREATEST CANDY BAR OF ALL TIME. Anyway, thanks for the post. I’m glad to know someone else shares my love of NECCO’s best creation!

  3. I forgot about these! I think I’ve only had one but I ever saw it again, It’d buy a ton of them! It’s so much more fun to have a bunch of variety in one bar than it it is to just eat a whole bar of one thing. I’d eat it in your “Big Finish” order.

  4. For the non-Necco parts of the country, the cheapest I found them online is here:
    For those in Necco country, they are 2 for $1.00 at your local Market Basket grocery store.

  5. Oh SkyBar! While the regular Necco products are available all over down here in Florida, this special bar is much harder to find. I’ve found it a few times at places like World Market and Michael’s Crafts, but they’re never there when I go back. Good to see the SkyBar getting some serious love, though. Steve Almond does a great tribute to it in his book CandyFreak. Go SkyBar!

  6. Skybars were always my favorite as a kid. Luckily, I live in Neccoland, and I can find them at any grocery store.
    Also, Ethan is an infidel. =)

  7. This is my husband’s favorite candy bar. He calls the peanut segment “peanut juice”. It’s like a sweet, thick peanut liquid. Not quite a caramel, but definitely not peanut butter. Another favorite of his is the Mallo Cup: You should check that out some time, it’s yummy.

  8. I tried one of these from a specialty candy shop when I was in Omaha, NE several months ago and I’ve been trying to remember what it’s called because I loved it and want to buy more! So thanks! I liked all the flavors, but peanut is the best.

  9. There used to be a “7-up” bar when I was a kid, it had 7 sections with a different thing in the middle of each. One was some sort of jelly and I didn’t like it and luckily my friend didn’t like the caramel section so we’d trade those.
    This sounds a lot like that, I’ll have to look for them since it’s fairly easy to find Necco products in Seattle.

  10. My mother was a Seven Up loyalist. Connecticut and Minnesota testimonials:

  11. Does anyone know where you can get a Sky Bar in Seattle??? I’ve tried Walgreens and Bartell Drugs… Ahh! Help??

  12. Logan, I’m not sure if this will help but when I was in Portland, OR I found Skybars at a mall candy shop that sold other specialty candies, maybe try to find a place that sells gummies by the pound -. that kind of place

  13. Uh…I guess this is good. I usually take the person who thinks it’s good’s advice,but until I hear otherwise,I’ll take Ethan’s word for it. :-/

  14. What can we do to bring the Best Candy Bar Ever Made back on all our local shelves & have them readily available in abundance once again???!!!! * ? * WE NEED MORE SKY BARS!!! * ? * Sky Bar Fans Unite!!!!! * ? *

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