Gummi Bears vs Gummy Bears

I have always steered cleared of gummi (or gummy) bears for the fact that they’d stick to my teeth. Ethan and I were debating if they were called “gummi” or “gummy” bears and then we found there are versions with both spellings. I know I’ve heard of Haribo but never heard of the Black Forest brand, there are probably many more brands but these are the two that were available.

Haribo “Gummi”:

I was really surprised that these didn’t stick to my teeth at all and I could chew freely without worry. While these aren’t pretty to look at Ethan agreed with me that these had a nice bounce to them. We liked the flavors, (apple, cherry, orange, lemon) but the best to us was the clear bear which was pineapple.

Black Forest “Gummy”:
While they had a decent bounce when chewed and they didn’t stick to my teeth, they seemed to have the potential to if bitten on too hard. The flavors were kind of muted, none of them really tasted like anything to me but Ethan said the red has a strong cherry flavor. I think visually they look better and resembled bears more than the gummis.

Wrap up:
Gummis won with both of us. We found the texture, non-stickiness and satisfying flavor to give it the winning edge. I would give Gummys a few point for presentation and use them for decoration on a gingerbread house.

Haribo Gummi or Black Forest Gummy?

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12 thoughts on “Gummi Bears vs Gummy Bears

  1. The Black Forest Gummy Bears are terrible. Very tough with muted flavors. Can’t really comment about Haribo because I’ve never tried it. Give me Heide Gummi Bears every day of the week.

  2. I’ll take any kinda gummy/gummi so long as it’s warm and chewy. Except for green…I don’t like the green ones.

  3. I think I gotta send you a big box or harobo candy straight from the german factory. You will never ever touch any other gummi candy again after that!

  4. @ken: i think you need to try the black forest when they’re really fresh. i typically find the best ones at walgreen’s. they are so far superior to other brands. they seem to have a real fruit flavor, whereas the haribo taste much more artificial. and the fresh black forest bears are sooooo soft and squishy. not a bit of toughness. fresh is key.

  5. Note–re flavors of Haribo Gummi Bears, from the Haribo web page:
    What are the flavors of the Haribo Gold-Bears?
    The white Gold-Bear is Pineapple; the green Gold-Bear is Strawberry; the yellow Gold-Bear is Lemon; the orange Gold-Bear is Orange; and the red Gold-Bear is Raspberry.

  6. as saladbar said, the green bear isn’t apple, but strawberry!
    but if you ask me, german gummi (why it ends with an “i”) are my favorites, and haribo is up there.

  7. Howdy all. My vote just has to go with Haribo, 100%. Had spent multiple years growing up and thereafter visiting Germany and have not found ANYTHING that even comes close to the flavors of the German Gummi Bears.
    If you have not tried the ones from Germany you’ll be in for a nice surprise if you ever do. That having been said, does anyone know of any shops here in the US that sell the German Gummi Bears? I know of only 2 places but they cost $2.39-2.69 per 200g bag. and no discount for bulk orders.
    Thanks very much to anyone that can offer some suggestions.
    Take care and good health to all.

  8. Almost forgot to mention that if you get the Haribos from Germany the green bears are indeed apple. You also get dark red which is Raspberry and light red which is the strawberry (orange is orange and white is pineapple).
    Also, I believe the reason the German ones taste better is that they use real fruit flavors instead of imitation flavoring as they do in other countries.

  9. The bag of Haribo I have now was made in Turkey. The empty bag I finished last week was made in Brazil. The best I can recall as a child were the ones my grandmother would send me from Germany. That was 30 years ago and have no idea who made them.

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