Laughng Cow vs Sonoma Jacks

I’m a fan of Laughing Cow light. I usually get their original Swiss flavor but at the Christmas Tree Shop I saw a brand called Sonoma Jacks that is the same concept but in the Garlic & Herb flavor.  I was happy to see this because as you may have noticed material has been hard to come by, so hooray, a decent looking challenge!

Laughing Cow:
In a nice, neat foil-wrapped wedge we have a 3/4 oz. of processed cheese goodness.  We found this to be very creamy smooth and very flavorful.  We also liked the slight tanginess and felt it provided a full-flavor cheese taste.

Sonoma Jacks:
These are a wider and flatter wedge and a slightly smaller .67 oz.
Ethan felt this was more oniony. I felt like it was more herby…almost too herby.
Ethan also said it tasted too “ripe”.  I feel like it was too much herb and the cheese was just a tasteless vehicle for the garlic and herb.

Wrap up:
We liked Laughing Cow’s pleasant balance of cheese taste and flavorful herbiness.  The emptiness of of Sonoma Just left a lacking cheese experience.

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3 thoughts on “Laughng Cow vs Sonoma Jacks

  1. I totally forgot these were Light until I saw the pictures in the post. Neither product tasted Light. Maybe that’s because of the strong the garlic and herb flavors.

  2. After seeing Ethan`s comment on neither being light, I`ll just stick to the cheese we buy. I mean, it`s not that I`m overweight beyond belief, but these fattening foods don`t seem to be for me.

  3. Please forgive me for saying this, but these products look very disgusting! I would never purchase a food product that looks like an old pencil eraser. EWW!

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