Andy Capp’s vs Johnny Rapp’s

I never got pub fries, they just left me craving real fries but I like the idea making a fry-like snack.  Maybe for those people who want fries but just have a convenience store in walking distance of their house.
I don’t understand how Andy Capp, a wife-beating drunk, is associated with fries but some things you just don’t bother to question anymore.  What I would like to know is what Johnny Rapp’s deal is.  He doesn’t have a comic strip and doesn’t appear on the package.  We can’t see what he looks like, but going by the description “Totally Cool!” on the bag, I picture Johnny as more hip, easy going guy who doesn’t wail on his wife if his dinner is cold.

First up, Andy Capp’s Cheddar Fries:
For this tasting we had our friends Mark and Sarah help with the evaluation. Mark found the green (parsley?) specks visually pleasant. Sarah found them to not have a lot of cheddar flavor and were a little too salty.  We all agreed they had a nice crunch, similar to a Cheeto.

Johnny Rapp’s Cheddar & Bacon Fries:
We found these to be even crunchier than Andy Capp’s.  Mark noted they have a strong smokey smell.  We found the cheddar taste to be stronger and sharper.  The bacon flavor was just enough to compliment the cheddar.

Wrap up:
We were surprised to find ourselves enjoying the Johnny Rapp’s more than the Andy Capp’s.  Johnny’s has more flavor and a better crunch -but, Ethan said the flavor gets to be too much after a little while so if you’re looking for some short-term snacking with good flavor, Johnny is your man.  If you’re looking for something to munch on during a movie, then go with the Andy Capp’s.

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7 thoughts on “Andy Capp’s vs Johnny Rapp’s

    A deli near my house in NY used to sell these in penny candy bins and I used to buy handfuls of them =]

  2. Didja notice: Flo always won those “rows” with Andy in the comix?
    General comic strip outline:
    Square 1: Andy makes introductory statement.
    Square 2: Flo replies in all seriousness.
    Square 3: Andy makes provocative rejoinder.
    Square 4: Flo’s walking through, ticked off and rolling up her sleeves, going to find Andy to “continue the discussion”.
    Some Andy Capp flavors are just way too garlicky for snacking in polite company. Or even at work. That’s too often true in the world of salty snax. But the Hot Fries ***always*** result in a trip to the tissue box.

  3. Dude fuck your 3rd generation insult of a fry to Andy Capp’s look at that price, you fail sir, your article is completely horrible and nothing but utter droll. Get a life sir.

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