Mama Celeste vs Mr. P

Pizza seems like a hard thing to mess up: dough, sauce, cheese – maybe a topping or two. But as we all know pizza CAN be messed up and the chances of this is greater when you’re buying a pre-made, frozen pizza.
My experience with frozen pizza started and stopped with Mama Celeste and the last time I had that was as an after school snack with my sister so…it’s been a while. I will do an evaluation at some point with a couple of the next generation like DiGiorno to see how frozen pizza has evolved but today we’re kickin’ it old school.

Mama Celeste:
This doesn’t look like anything any mama would make, never mind the sweet old lady on the package. Ethan and I found this to be pretty tasteless. I felt the only ingredient that had any flavor was the pepperoni. Ethan was more disappointed by the lacking crust.
As unimpressive as this was we did both agree that the distribution of ingredients were well balanced and I have to admit, I did like that it smelled like the pizza at rollerskating rinks, which brought back fond memories of skating around with feathered hair and playing video games, which was worth the $1.20 for the pizza.

Mr. P:
For all that Mama Celeste isn’t, Mr. P is less. Ethan found the dough kind of gummy, even though we cooked it according to the directions. The entire thing just lacked flavor all over and didn’t have enough cheese, although I’m not sure of that would have improved the product. No wonder he doesn’t show his picture like Mama does.

Wrap up:
Mama wins by a shred. It’s funny though how bland we thought that was and then after we tried Mr. P, we ate another slice of Mama’s just to leave this evaluation tasting some sort of flavor. But really, I think it’ll be another 20 years until I have Mama Celeste again, I don’t care how bad the recession gets!

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16 thoughts on “Mama Celeste vs Mr. P

  1. Hmm…Mr P looks better, but looks aren’t everything right? I guess I would go with the majority and say Mama Celeste.

  2. Please add none of the above choice – all of the low end frozen pizzas are just plain nasty!! DiGiorno and Mystic Pizza are very good frozen options found in almost every conventional grocery store’s freezer. However, my favorite frozen pizza come from Trader Joe’s, specifically the Margherita, Spinach and BBQ Chicken pizzas.

  3. People, the point of this was to compare 2 of the low-end microwaveable pizzas. Of course they aren’t going to be as good as any of the real pizzas you are mentioning. That being said, I couldn’t vote for this one. In the low-end quick pizza category, it HAS to be Totino’s Party Pizza!

  4. mama celeste reminds me of after school too. last time i looked at one, the nutrition was so atrocious i couldn’t bring myself to buy one. but the smell just brings me back! ?

  5. There’s a pizza *worse* than Marie Celeste’s?
    I have to try this Mr P stuff now.
    Though I hate them, Mama Celeste’s pizzas are useful to keep in the freezer for those days when you’re just too tired after work to do anything (of which I have plenty).

  6. I dig these kinds of “pizzas” no they aren’t gourmet, but that’s not the point. You don’t buy pabst for the taste and you don’t buy these things for the quality ingredients. You get it because it fills you and has a taste sort of like what’s on the box.

  7. digiorno is the only frozen pizza i’ve ever had that’s any good. everything else is disgusting. celeste tastes like burnt cardboard to me. XD; pizza’s not supposed to hold it’s shape when you lift it with one hand. and they’ve gotten even smaller and more expensive in recent years.

  8. Where the heck did you get these?? I have never seen either. Is this one of those regional things like with Sky Bar and NECCO?? ?

  9. I love Mr P’s pizza because it is cheap and it is good to have around the house as a quick snack. I always add some onions to mine and sprinkle some crushed red pepper on it, kinda makes up for the lack of flavor.

  10. i guess i’m the only one, but i LOVE celeste. when they go on sale for a dollar i make sure to stock up. i only get mr p’s when it’s on sale and i’m really low on money. however, just yesterday i put one in the oven for my younger sister and she found a pubic hair standing up from it. i swear. it was so disgusting, i had a hard time eating anything after i saw that. we’re pretty sure it was a pube…i think they’re pretty hard to mistake. my favorite celeste is meatball….yum

  11. there’s a million miles worth of difference between a mama Celeste pizza and a Celeste Pizza not even from the same Planet originallyI would suppose Mama Celeste is a great pizza Celeste sucks

  12. When they were still around, I liked Mr. P’s the best. Celeste took some getting used to at first, but ultimately I liked that too, but not as much as Mr P’s. Well, Mr P’s has gone away, but Kroger’s dollar pizza is pretty danged similar. Can’t believe I’m posting a review about janky bottom shelf frozen pizza, but here I am.

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