Ritz vs Goya

Unfortunately, Sunshine baked goods don’t really exist anymore except as novelty items and I can’t compare Ritz with Hi-Ho’s but Ethan found these Goya crackers that seemed worthy of comparing. We have all these crackers now so I need to make some chicken soup (I just can’t do canned chicken soup but that may be a good comparison some day!)

Ritz has a nice crunch, that I’d describe as a “soft crunch”. A nice buttery flavor and just the right amount of salt on top to compliment the cracker.
Between the texture and the flavor this is a well-rounded (pun intended) cracker that goes beyond the serving suggestion and goes well with pb&j and, as I mentioned before, is very nice in chicken soup.

These had a different crunch, sort of dryer. There is a lack of buttery flavor, and they taste more like Saltines. Salt is present but a little too sparse on the surface, yet still a somewhat satisfying cracker. Not Ritz but not bad.

Wrap up:
We went with Ritz for it’s buttery flavor and full-bodied crunch. I would like to point out though that Goya does make a very suitable cracker that even Ethan (who is a Ritz fan) said he probably wouldn’t mind if he had to substitute these for Ritz. So if Goya is all that’s available, I don’t think you’ll be too disappointed.

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7 thoughts on “Ritz vs Goya

  1. You put ritz crackers in soup???? how?? I’ve never heard of that, ever. Do you break them up or put them in whole? Is this like adding croutons?

  2. Snackgirl’s right. You just drop a Ritz into your soup (preferably chicken noodle or something similar), let it soak up some broth, and enjoy. It’s very tasty.

  3. Well now that you’ve raised the topic of crackers in soup, we eagerly await the great oyster cracker showdown! It may turn kin against kin, but only one can rule!

  4. Yes, I voted for Goya. It tastes good in any combination, no difference to me except the price.

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