Salsa: Pace vs Tostitos

I used to hate salsa, then sometime during college, I worked at a “Tex-Mex” restaurant and got used to it.  Not really into it like some peoplebecause I’m not big on spicy foods but I learned to appreciate it as a dip/condiment.  While I’m lucky enough to be visiting my sister Elaine and brother-in-law Zac,  we conducted an evaluation with Zac’s favorite, Pace and the salsa next to it on the shelf,Tostitos.

Pace has what Zac describes a “fresh” taste for a cooked, jarred salsa.  Elaine said it’s not as shelfy tasting as most other jarred salsas and we all agreed it had a good amount of spice for a medium heat salsa.
I felt the heat may have been a little too much for me but I do have a low tolerance for spicy.  I did like the chunkiness of this salsa as did Elaine and Zac.

Zac pointed out this has a strong tomato paste flavor and although the jalapeno flavor is detected this was pretty bland overall.
We all agreed this was more jarred tasting than Pace and although it has a very simple, natural ingredient list, had a processed, soupy quality to it.

Wrap up:
Pace wins because of it’s fresher tasting flavor and chunckier texture.  Even though it was alittle spicey for me,  I’ve tried mild which just tastes like tomato sauce so I would still stick with the medium for flavor.

Pace or Tostitos

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10 thoughts on “Salsa: Pace vs Tostitos

  1. I prefer Chi-Chi’s “Original” to either of these. It has fresher, less “stewed” taste. It’s also less salty than either Pace or Tostitos.

  2. I remember living near the PACE plant in San Antonio, after every production run you could smell PACE for hours. It was great! Sadly, they moved from San Antonio, but are still located in Texas. Does anyone remember the old commercials?
    “This stuff is made in New York City!”

  3. Pace picante sauce (instead of chunky) has the same tomato paste blended flavor. It also has the same consistency. Despite those things, it is still my favorite salsa.

  4. I’ve gotta agree with Red … Pace picante sauce is head and shoulders above just about any salsa out there, and the hot, if you can find it, will put a nice bead of sweat on your upper lip.

  5. I love Pace! I can only eat mild or medium though. The hot is too hot for me- Shawn is right about the sweaty upper lip thing.
    Is salt even listed as an ingredient in Pace? I’ve never noticed a salty taste to it.

  6. Of those two listed pace would be the one but if you want to try something tryuly good. Got get a gar of Newmans own blackbean and corn salsa. I swear its the best salsa ever.

  7. Tomato paste flavor…well then good, that’s why I like Tostitos. lol Otherwise, it just means I’m not a big Salsa fan.

  8. I’m suprised with this one. I would have thought more people liked Tostitos. I think the Hot Tostitos is the best cheap shelf brand.

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