Magic Shell vs Hershey’s Shell

Magic Shell was introduced in the 80’s at some point.  My sister and I were so excited to try it.  I tried to find a commercial for it on YouTube but there aren’t any.  I just remember we were impressed and got permission to bring it into the house.  Most supermarkets don’t carry an equivalent but I found Hershey’s Shell at Target.
Both claim “Freezes in seconds!” on their label and both are chocolate or chocolate fudge “flavored” syrup.

Magic Shell:
I let this sit for probably about a minute  while I was taking pictures of the Hershey’s and when Ethan and I tasted it, it still had some non-hardened areas.  When I cracked the top with my spoon, it yielded softly and while it was definitely harder than plain syrup, it was not the hardened cracked coating I thought it was supposed to create.
The favor is okay, Ethan found it hard to describe as anything other than “alright”.  There was nothing wrong with it, just your average milk chocolate flavor.

Hershey’s Shell:
I poured this on after the Magic Shell and it solidified faster as well as forming an actual hard coating that broke into pieces instead of just “mushing”.  In fact I had to chip away at it where the syrup met the bowl, that’s how serious this was.  Hershey’s is less sweet and has more of a dark chocolate flavor.  A more intense product all around.

Wrap up:
I was surprised that Magic Shell wasn’t as awesome as I remembered, especially since it’s the original hard shell syrup.   I have to say I really preferred the Hershey’s because of the crunchy coating and I like dark chocolate AND it wasn’t a waxy “mockolate” tasting flavor that I have been finding in a lot of chocolate products lately.  It was a rich, satisfying semi-sweet flavor.
Ethan preferred the Magic Shell because he’s not a fan of dark chocolate and didn’t mind the softer coating.

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11 thoughts on “Magic Shell vs Hershey’s Shell

  1. I’m not a fan of dark chocolate but i’d like to try the Hershey’s! ? There’s nothing worse than non-crunchy shells!

  2. ^ I agree, dark chocolate is not my favorite. I’ve always like Magic Shell, maybe I’ll give it another try to make sure it’s as good as I remember…

  3. Magic Shell should at least get points for the cute turtle. ? I’d probably go with Ethan’s opinion since I tend to like milk chocolate a little better than dark. Although I’ve never bought a product like this, I don’t think I’d really mind that the shell wasn’t crunchy. In fact, I think I’d like the fact that it was kind of soft. My favorite time of year for chocolate candy bars is the summer because I can leave them in the car for a couple minutes and they get slightly softer and creamier. It’s the perfect way to eat chocolate!

  4. make your own!! chocolate chips melted with a few pats of butter yields a far more decadent and tasty topping
    or you can nuke some pb in the microwave until liquid, it hardens on ice cream as well ?

  5. I greatly prefer the Hershey’s, but I am having a really hard time finding it in stores in my area. Found it once at a local Wal-Mart and now they don’t carry it and it is much better

  6. Aww…I miss Magic shell. No matter how many times I’ve tried Hershey though, I hated it. I’m still that milk chocolate girl, so I prefer Smucker’s Magic shell.

  7. I like magic shell better i like Hershey’s too but i like milk better than dark chocolate ?

  8. I remember when I was little I had gotten chocolate shell and it was crunchy like a Nestle Crunch bar. I have been searching all over for it and it seems to have been stopped being made. I used to love that chocolate shell and pretty positive it was Hershey’s. It’s sad if they no longer make it. I’d say I like Hershey more but if they stopped making my favorite kind of shell I don’t like them so much. I never really liked Smuckers.

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