Scooter Pie vs Moon Pie

I’ve heard of Moon Pies and not sure if I’ve heard of Scooter Pies but somehow managed not to have any experience with either until today.  I thought it was kind of interesting that both claim to be “the Original”.
These seem to have such tasty potential: Chocolate, cookie and marshmallow.  What could go wrong?

Scooter Pie:
So…I guess something happened on the way home from the store because when I opened the package, the marshmallow was squished out of the “sandwich”.  It turns out it that didn’t really matter.  The marshmallow didn’t have he capability to go far as it’s was like a thick, bouncy glue. 
Ethan and I were surprised that it didn’t taste very good.  The marshmallow was blah, the chocolate was pretty much undetectable and I thought the cookie had kind of a chemical taste, Ethan thought he tasted a hint of banana.
The cookie texture was odd to us too: not crisp but not soft.  Like stale but according to the expiration date, it wasn’t due for the trash until the end of next month.

Moon Pie:
Moon Pie looked better but I guess just because it had a less traumatic ride home from the store.  I haven’t done any research, so I don’t know if these are secretly owned by the same master company  but we found this to taste identically – which we both described as “gross”

Wrap up:
I feel a little bad not liking either of these because I know one of these must be very popular but neither were edible beyond 2 bites.  Fake chocolate, gluey marshmallow and stale-like cookies were all we tasted.
I can imagine a home-made version of these would be fantastic though.

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18 thoughts on “Scooter Pie vs Moon Pie

  1. Supposedly, the Moon Pie is the original. According to legend, salesmen in the early 1900’s asked Appalachian mountain men what they would buy if they could have anything. The response was “Something with marshmallow, and as big as the Moon.” My parents used to sell Moon Pies in a candy shop when I was a kid. They definitely have a weird taste, but I’m partial to them.

  2. I prefer Mallomars, they have the same three parts, but in a different arrangement. The chocolate on Mallomars is delicious and there’s loads more marshmallow. There are also really god after a short spin in the microwave.

  3. I’m glad you said that. . .I have always been puzzled by the glorification of the moon pie because it always tastes STALE. I have only bought it in my adulthood for the nostalgia aspect. . .I offered them to my kids along with a history lesson ;-), although in truth, I don’t know anything about Moon Pies and RC colas.
    I would definitely go the way of homemade on these.

  4. my man!!!! moon pies NEED to be microwaved. heres what you do. get you a nice paper plate. place the moon pie in the center of the paper plate. put it in the microwave for oh…. 30 secs-1 minute. keep an eye on it. when the marshmallow starts to rise up and get really poofy, then take it out and eat it with a fork and a small glass of milk. do this, then re-review the moon pie!!! it deserves justice!

  5. You should try choco pies. You can find them in Asian markets (under the brand names Orion or Lotte). Both have a nice thick marshmallow disk ?

  6. Who cares about these? I’ll see if I can find something like Scooter Pie or Moon Pie and try it,but these would be much better homemade.

  7. The scooter pie I ate when I was a kid was different..They taste had more
    marshmallow in the middle…The scooter pie nowadays just taste like a regular moonpie..I am not impressed…They dont make them like they use to…

  8. I think I saw one of these in the gas station down the street. (I forget which.) Oh well, neither of these seem appealing. If you absolutely had to choose one, which would you take? :-/

  9. My recipe for Scooter Pie is much different than a Moon Pie; more like a Whoopie Pie, but not! Likely because I knew about Scooter Pies first, I definitely favor it; and I do NOT like the name Whoopie Pie (won’t even buy ’em or make ’em). I found this recipe for Scooter Pie years ago in a series of cookbooks my mom bought from Leisure Arts, “Gifts of Good Taste,” 1989. There is no real explanation of history. They used the Scooter Pie in a “Remember When” basket which included a couple of “golden oldie records”, 6 oz bottles of cola and a hand-painted school pendant. It’s a cute idea. This Scooter Pie recipe uses brownie mix for the cookie tops and bottoms and fills them with a fluffy cream filling, using egg whites, vegetable shortening, confectioner’s sugar, vanilla and heavy cream. I’ve not yet been able to find a similar recipe, calling it Scooter, Whoopie and/or Moon Pies. I’ve yet to run across anyone who knows what a Scooter Pie is. They see it and taste it and call it a Whoopie Pie. I politely tell them, “No, it’s a Scooter Pie.”

  10. Duuuuude, please check out “Mamut Gamesa” which is the mexican alternative and bring those into the equation…i just loved Mamut growing up…now they still taste great!

  11. I never heard of either as a kid till I watched, “Laverne and Shirley.” Evidently those wacky dames loved Scooter Pies.

  12. I like both Moon Pie and Scooter Pie, but as a person in their 50’s, and an avid carb watcher, I’d vote for the S’mores, and get the chocolate bar in its solid form. Hey, I make my carbs count! I’m a former Girl Scout. Lots of nostalgia in my sugar feasts.
    Choco Pies are good too, especially if they are slightly frozen.

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