Smartfood vs Cape Cod

Smartfood was created in the mid-80’s and I believe in good ol’ Massachusetts.  Before it was bought by Frito-Lay, Ethan pointed out they used to have little facts or something interesting on the back of the bag that he liked reading.  Frito-Lay just talks about how awesome Smartfood is.
I think there are a few different versions of Smartfood but the one closest to it in the store was Cape Cod’s White Cheddar Popcorn, so we got that.

Even  though Frito-Lay has taken over, I think they’ve done a pretty good job at keeping the consistency of the quality in this product.  I didn’t think “This isn’t as good as I remember!” as is the case with some products that go through a buy out or even just some companies cheap-out on their ingredients.
The cheddar powder is thick and completely covers the fluffy kernels.  The taste of the cheese has a nice tang to it and conveys a creaminess too.  We noticed the kernels are good sized and almost always round and have a nice softness while still providing a satisfying crunch.

Cape Cod:
We notcied that Cape Cod’s kernels were a little smaller, not as soft and seemed flatter when bitten down on.  The cheese powder was cheesy but not as tangy as Smartfood. Also there was a slight toastiness to the popcorn, not sure if some kernels were overcooked or the cheese powder did not coat the kernels as much. Not bad though.

Wrap up:
We’d go with Smartfood because of the little bit of sharpness in the cheddar flavor and the more substantial kernels.  If Cape Cod is all that’s available though, you won’t be too disappointed as the subtle differences aren’t enough to rule it out as a good product.

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11 thoughts on “Smartfood vs Cape Cod

  1. Smartfood for sure! I used to eat that stuff like it was my job. It’s not cheddar popcorn, but if I’m going to buy bagged popcorn now I go for Popcorn, Indiana’s Kettlecorn. It’s so ridiculously good it’s not even funny.

  2. Cheesey popcorn? yuck! I’ve never heard of it before today…caramel popcorn is ok though. ?

  3. Smartfood wins hands down. It’s one of the few things I ate when I was younger that tastes the same now that I’m older. I love popcorn, and it’s definitely one of my favorite brands.

  4. I don’t know why these 2 get compared. Smartfood tastes very poor in taste compared to capecode white cheddar popcorn.

  5. Capecod is the best when going on those long fishing trips with grandpa. ? Although heavily covered with the cheese, I enjoy licking it off my fingers. Also, they are next door to my Walmart, so it’s always easy to grab a bag, go home and eat a few.
    Never heard of Smartfood but if I find it, I’ll try it I guess.

  6. Well, I found Smartfood at my Food 4 Less, and I’m actually very shocked that it tasted better and more cheesier than Cape Cod. Goes to show I can’t just rely on past experiences from a different time. lol

  7. I remember the original Smartfood (pre-Frito Lay) the company was owned and operated by the folks who went on to found Annie’s. The original smartfood was WAAAAAYYYY better than the post Frito product.
    So much cheesier and just plain good.

  8. I can’t believe that the person who wrote about Smartfood thinks that it is mostly the same since Frito Lay took over. It is not even close. It used to be so much cheesier! I remember eating it out of the bag and having gobs of cheese to lick off of my fingertips. Like any big corporation looking to cut corners and screw the consumer, Frito Lay has significantly reduced the cheese covering each kernel. Now it’s just a light dusting. I still like the product, but it’s not even close to the good ol’ days. I bet that if you tracked down the original Smartfood owners, they would say the same thing. I also miss the interesting facts and text on the back of the original bags too.

  9. Oh help, I can’t find that fabulous Cape Cod White Cheddar Popcorn.
    Do you know of a place where I might order it? We had it in Michigan several years ago, but now in San Diego I can’t seem to locate it. Please help me find a “way” to have my MOST delicious snack again. Many thanks!!!

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