Stouffers vs Red Baron

Ah, French Bread Pizza!  Also known in some school cafeterias as “Pizza Boat”.  There’s something about French Bread Pizza that seems to be liked by most people (except my mom) and I think Stouffer’s is more popular but I’m not sure. I did notice that in my area (lesser Boston) Stouffer’s FB Pizza was in all stores and even in mini-marts.  Although most stores carried Red Baron products, only one store (Shaw’s) carried the French Bread option.  The tasters for this were Ethan, myself and our friends Marc and Sarah.  I am going by my notes from a couple of weeks ago and didn’t quote who said what but I remember we basically agreed on these.  Let’s see what we thought!

We found the sauce to be disappointing and bland.  The bread had a bit of gumminess even though it was cooked enough on the outside.  Because of that, we did find the outer edges to be somewhat enjoyable because of the crunch.  The cheese lacked flavor and the pepperoni was the most flavorful ingredient because of the spices.  Other than that, we found this to be pretty bland.

Red Baron:
Someone said this was “visually fresher”.  We found the sauce to be more flavorful and was described as “zesty”.  It was also noted that the bread was thicker than Stouffer’s and seemed to be a little off on the bread-to-topping ratio. I think it was Ethan who said it “Keeps it character and integrity” which I’m not exactly sure what he meant but he can comment and explain if need be : )

Wrap up:
We went with the Baron on this one.  Stouffer’s had a better bread-to-topping ratio but it wasn’t enough to make up for the lack of flavor.  Maybe Red Baron wasn’t all that great either but compared to Stouffer’s it delivered more flavor and didn’t have a gummy-like dough texture, so that was enough to make it the winner.

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7 thoughts on “Stouffers vs Red Baron

  1. In terms of cooking and taste I vote for Red Baron. Stouffer’s has to be cooked both in the oven and microwave. Delivery pizza is faster.

  2. The Red Baron has always been my favorite. I think the bigger bread makes the pizza more enjoyable. I guess growing up on thin-crust pizzas has made me tired of them. xD

  3. I’d just like to say that if you grabbed one of Red Baron’s frozen pizzas,for SNS or not,you’d probably be somewhat satisfied. And on top of that,I think that Red Baron is based in the Minneapolis/St.Paul area. X)

  4. both have the same cooking instruction for conventional oven 375 for 22 to 25 minutes I’ve found cooking them at 350 for 25 minutes gives you a far better outcome. Stouffer’s used to be my fav an then they changed the sauce and I didn’t like it at all and I wasn’t a fan of red baron either at the time. Then I quit smoking and things changed Stouffers changed back to the original sauce but it’s really did tasted bad. So tonight I tried Red Baron just to see if it tasted good now that I wasn’t a smoker anymore. Boy was I happy I did it taste way better then stouffer’s for one thing the sauce is more of a Mediterranean italian flavor kind of a spicy hot not sweet which I love. But french bread pizza from the local pizza shack is still my number one most of the time followed by Red Baron and as for Campbell’s Stouffer’s french bread pizza I will never eat that ever again unless I start smoking again and I don’t see that happening.

  5. Ive really only tried Red baron french bread pizzas but today I decided to try stouffers because I was in a hurry and figured it might even be better.. Boy was I wrong, the lack of flavor is so bad and the crust reminds me of overdone toast. The sauce is weak and overall this was a depressing meal, even more than red baron. Red barons pepperoni/meats/toppings have quite a bit more flavor as well. Stouffers you win the frozen lasagna and mac and cheese just stay with that..

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