Glad there’s only one of: Bacon Egg & Cheese Combos

I almost don’t know where to start.  I guess I’ll start with saying there are some flavors of Combos that are good, like Nacho Cheese and Cheeseburger, but when I saw these I thought “Sick, I have to try though!”  So knowing that Ethan hates egg, I skipped him and brought these to work.  Only two people, Becca and Brendan, were even brave enough to consider when I emailed them to come over to my desk to try these.  I think I lost Becca immediately when she looked at the package and said “Ew…New?”  Then I opened it and they would only smell the Combos.  Brendan said they smelled like dog treats, Becca agreed and then they walked away, sans Combos.
So I conducted this evaluation solo.  

Okay, so they didn’t smell great. I wasn’t expecting them to smell good either, but for all the horror they induced with Becca and Brendan, these were pretty uneventful.
After the plain crunchy cracker, the center tasted mildly like egg and a little bit of cheese.   I was surprised that they really lacked bacon flavor considering how easy it would be to add smoke (or at least imitation smoke) flavor to jazz it up.  They weren’t the worst thing in the world, but I definitely would not buy these again.  Some flavors, like egg, should not be artificially replicated.
I don’t see these featured on the Combos website, so I guess they’re discontinued already – probably a good thing.

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13 thoughts on “Glad there’s only one of: Bacon Egg & Cheese Combos

    NO BACON FLAVOR, HARDLY ANY CHEESE FLAVOR….basically they tasted like egg powder and nothing else. I seriously hurled a couple of times on these.

  2. I’ve never seen these before. It’s a round cracker with filling in the middle? I don’t really understand what it is. ?

  3. Hi Kelly, I didn’t realise Combos haven’t made it to Australia. Yes, it’s a round cracker with a filling in the middle. Sometimes it works out, like with cheddar, or the nacho cheese/salsa flavor, sometimes they get carried away and try to pull off something like this.

  4. I LOVE pizza combos – if I saw these I’d jump on them, as I LOVE bacon and eggs (bacon and sausage would be better), but to know that they suck? Damn. That sucks.

  5. I don’t mean to be persnickety, but combos can also be pretzels with cheese/flavor in the middle. I think that was the original Combo: a small round pretzel with cheese inside.
    Anyway, the new cheeseburger Combos are almost amazing. They taste just like a McDonald’s hamburger. Whether that’s a good thing is up to your particular taste buds, but it’s still pretty surprising the first time you try them.

  6. These look good to me for some odd reason. Maybe it’s because that biscuit on the front of the package looks mighty tasty. I’m not much of a Combos fan (or really a savory snack fan for that matter) so I probably won’t be picking these up. Still, if someone handed me a free bag, I’d eat a couple for curiosity’s sake.

  7. Hi Tim,
    I got them at Christmas Tree Shop.
    I can send you the rest of my bag if you want, I’m not going to finish them ?

  8. Combos is the only snack line I can think of that has such a thorough lock on both the “vomitously disgusting” and the “amazingly delicious” ends of the flavor spectrum.

  9. So I found these Combos at a dollar store in Everett, Washington, and got a bag to try out. (By the way, the expiration date says January 2009, so I know these are old, but I don’t care.) My first impression was that these do taste similar to a BEC biscuit, but after eating a few handfuls, they kinda get a little sickening. I must say that I still like them every once in a while, but not as an everyday thing.

  10. I tried them and to me, they tasted exactly the way they were supposed to. The problem was that after a few, I really started to feel nauseous. My husband wouldn’t even taste them, but he hates eggs.

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