Vienna Fingers vs Cameos

Nabisco and Keebler go at it with their own versions of oval, vanilla creme filled cookies.
I don’t remember having either of these before but it was suggested by a reader and fellow Hollistonian (hometown) to evaluate these since he and his brother have feuded between these two products. Ethan and I tasted and then I brought them into work for further evaluation.

Vienna Fingers:
I felt the cookie part of these were a little dry and tasted like animal crackers.  The creme was okay, nothing great but not a disappointment. Ethan thought these were bland and had a weird aftertaste from the creme.
The two people at worksaid they liked these better than Cameo.

I liked these better. I thought the cookie was more flavorful and the creme was more vanilla-y.  Plus the design on the cookie is all fancy and has a pretty, William Morris-like design.
Ethan didn’t think these were better but liked the overal texture of cookie and creme.  Someone at work said these are “Yummy like Grandma’s house.”

Wrap up:
Depends who you ask.  People at work seemed to like Vienna Fingers more and I really liked Cameos better. Ethan said if they could marry the flavor of Vienna Fingers and the texture of Cameo’s you’d have a perfect product.

Vienna Fingers or Cameos?

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6 thoughts on “Vienna Fingers vs Cameos

  1. The cameo look really nice, it would be good if you could buy them with other flavoured cream and see how they work.

  2. Thanks – I’m glad to see my creme filled vanilla oval sandwich cookie request was fulfilled. I was always partial to Cameos. Maybe I was subconsciously influenced by the more attractive design. I never understood the name of the other ones either. Do they really eat those in Austria? And if naming them after a European city is supposed to imply that they’re classy, why not try to dress them up a bit with a pretty William Morris-like design?
    Ethan’s perfect product has good texture and is bland with a weird aftertaste?

  3. Are you kidding??? Is there really even a question/comparison?! Cameos are BY FAR the doubt about it!!!! VF’s are nothing like Cameo’s other than their shape. I cannot find Cameos anymore where I live and they are my favorite cookie…this is truly a tragedy! My friend that travels brings them to me from another state! Eat and enjoy!

  4. Cameos are probably the best creme filled cookie made.
    An excellent Oreo cookie would be banana flavored Double Stuff with the yellow cookies.

  5. I want to see Double stuffed Vienna Fingers just like the Oreos do .. Vienna fingers are my cookie just need more cream oh and a resealable bag

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