Alouette vs Rondele

 Ethan and I went to at our friends’ (Mark and Sara) house and in addition to my retro Marushka cake, we brought over a tub of Alouette and Rondele (I know they both don’t use capitalization but I can’t help it) both in the “garlic and herbs” variety.  It’s kind of funny that Sara also had “Pub Cheese” in this flavor too but we realised it’s made by Rondele so we just kept the evaluation down to these two.

This cheese spread was very fluffy and as titled, very herby and garlicy.
We liked the light, airiness of the cheese and we all agreed it was very creamy.  Ethan described it as having some “zazz”.  I forget why now but I would think it’s because of the amount of garlic.  The cheese on it’s own seemed very mild and just a springboard for the herbs and seasoning.

Rondele was even softer and creamier.  Mark commented that it was almost “buttery” and Sara felt it had a little sharpness to it like a cheddar.  It was interesting that this was both mild and sharp at the same time.  I liked that it wasn’t as garlicy and we all agreed it was “herbier” than the Alouette.

Wrap up:
While we all thought these were both good but Mark ended up voting for Alouette while the rest of us went with Rondele for the mild-yet-sharp, flavor and it’s fluffy consistency.  Alouette was very good but ultimately, we felt it had a pinch too much garlic that overpowered the spread.

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4 thoughts on “Alouette vs Rondele

  1. Wow! That cake you made is beautiful! You did all that yourself? What is the filling in the cake?

  2. Thanks Sweet. The filling is just yellow cake with chocolate buttercream but pretty tasty. The outside I made with fondant. ?

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