Candy Corn: Brach’s vs Zachary

It’s October and small bowls of candy corn can be found on office desks all over America. Candy corn was always one of the few exceptions of trick or treat harvesting that had some value even though it wasn’t chocolate. And it’s very shelf stable too- I’m not even sure if it has an expiration date, I’m sure it must but I think water is a bigger enemy of candy corn that time. For some reason it was hard to find a competitor to Brach’s for this but we finally found one called Zachary’s.

These were firm and had a nice yield to the bite. The flavor is sweet but nicely balanced with a vanilla overtone. At least we think it’s vanilla. Ethan said he kind of felt like it was maple but knew it wasn’t. We noticed the package said these contain real honey so I’m sure that helped give these their pleasant taste.

These were a little paler in color and it turned out in taste too. There was a lack of flavor other than just sugar/corn syrup. The texture was pretty good though since it was very similar to Brach’s.

Wrap up:
We both agreed that Brach’s was more enjoyable than Zachary’s. While Zac’s wasn’t terrible, the absence of any flavor just didn’t make the calories seem worthwhile. I never thought much about Brach’s candy corn but I have a newfound appreciation for it and feel that they really give other candy makers big kernels to fill to re-create the flavor I used to take for granted.

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9 thoughts on “Candy Corn: Brach’s vs Zachary

  1. So is this candy mainly made from sugar? I’ve never had them so I’m not sure what they are made from. I might search ebay and see if I can find some!!

  2. Jelly Belly makes very nice candy corn too. Just look on their site under “mellocremes”. Tasty! And yes, they’re really sweet but that makes it easy to stop after just a handful.

  3. i actually like candy corn. there seems to be a general hatred in the media (stand up comedy) world for candy corn, but i think it’s purely for how goofy they are. i can eat them, but obviously don’t prefer them over other candies.
    on another note, carrots suck.

  4. MMM…Candy corn is delicious! And how much more you appreciate it after you’ve developed an allergy – and then can’t find a company whose candy corn you can safely consume without worry of dying from it!
    I’d like to let everyone know…if you or someone you love has a tree-nut or peanut allergy, there’s good news about candy corn! (If it holds out…) Once a year, in September, Peanut Free Planet sells Tree-nut-free and Peanut-free Candy Corn! Yummy!!! ?
    Important notes…No, Candy Corn does not have any Tree-nut or Peanuts as an ingredient. However, since the candy companies (the ones who are so big they ‘should’ be able to devote a whole allergen-free line for it and other candies) simply do not do that. Their candy corn is made on the same equipment that they process other candies that DO contain nuts. Vermont Nut Free Co. USED to sell Tree-nut and Peanut-Free Candy Corn, but no longer (hopefully they’ll start again.) Peanut-Free Planet Company still sold some – seasonally – in the early Fall only – as of 2009.

  5. BTW- If you do an online search, I have seen at least one recipe out there for candy corn that you can make on your own at home…IF you’re a good cook!

  6. Never liked Brachs. Too bland sugary. Zacharys firmer,with a honey flavor is the true taste of October. Try eating them while eating A macintosh apple..awesome flavor of autumn.

  7. My husband and I have this same disagreement about candy corn. He likes Brach’s and I love Zachary’s. I think Brach’s is like eating a salty, butter flavored candle. I like the sweet taste and texture of Zachary. I bought all of it I could find this year to stock up until next Halloween but because of my candy corn addiction I am already out! My husband offered me a bit of his Brach’s to calm me down, but it just not the same. I just ordered 5 pounds from a candy supplier and it should be here in 3 days! I hope I can make it until then. Zachery Rocks!!

  8. I’m a HUGE candy corn fan, the only one in my family, unfortunately. Normally, I like just about any brand. However, this year, I was really disappointed in Brachs. Zachary just tastes so much better. I couldn’t bring myself to eat anymore Brachs.

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