Cheetos Crunchy vs Crunchy Kurls

I never heard of Vinter’s before.  They’re from Chicago and I lived there for a year but never noticed them, although that was in my pre-snack evaluating days.  I checked out their website, and they have quite an extensive product list.  I don’t know how but they managed to make it to the Dollar Tree in Ashland, MA. 
This bag came in a variety pack, withcorn chips and cheese puffs but since “Kurls” is spelled with a K I decided to evaluate them.


Cheetos have a nice tanginess to the cheese flavoring.  They also have a very satisfying crunch.  It seems a little weird but I liked tasting the oil in each bite and although the oil had a presence, it didn’t make the crunch heacy and they’re not oily to the touch.


These had a little less cheese flavor to them.  Well, they had decent flavor but didn’t have that tanginess, which gives Cheetos a little something extra.  The crunch was also lacking – but, I will give them a break since these were at the dollar store and not bought anywhere near the Chicagoland area.

Wrap up:
I like to support the little guy and they may not have been given a fair shake this round, but Ethan and I both preferred the Cheetos version because of the strong flavor and delightful crunch and texture.

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9 thoughts on “Cheetos Crunchy vs Crunchy Kurls

  1. Vinter’s?!?! What the heck is a vinter?! ( Sort of like the famous question Minnesotans had during the 1991 World Series against Atlanta: What the heck is a lemke?! ) ?

  2. I have a weakness for faux cheese. I like anything with that fake cheesy tangy flavor. I agree w/ DJ that Cheez Doodles are amazing. I can’t get enough of them. Hard to beat Cheetos, though; they’ve really mastered it.

  3. Cheetos are definitely better. I’ve found that some of the off-brand versions of Cheetos are usually lacking cheesy flavor.

  4. Vitners are unique as they don’t try to be a knock off. Nothing they make comes close to the original. They are their own taste. Which is good or bad depending on your own taste.

  5. Cheetos (crunch or puffs) are fantastic with cheddar cheese (cut into sticks), and some cheese nips with peanut butter. Great desk food. I wet a paper towel for clean up, and I have my carbs, protein, and fat. Crunchy Cheetos are a favorite. How can anyone resist a unique use of HFCS. Great invention! yum yum

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