Chips Ahoy vs Chips A Plenty

Normally I’m not a fan of packaged chocolate chip cookies (except Entenmann’s and even then, they’re not like they used to be) but Ethan and I saw these Chips A Plenty and had to evaluate. The two packages are similar and both have a red and white logo in the upper left corner. I had high expectations for any cookie made by a company called “Rippin’ Good”. I can’t help but think that it must be an awesome place to work at where everyone constantly high-fives each other and drinks beer at their desks. Anyway, on to the evaluation…

Chips Ahoy:
As these are known for, they’re pretty dry and crumbly. Despite that, they have a pleasant crunch and actually taste like a chocolate chip cookie. I think the best part of the cookie is the chocolate chips, they had a nice chocolate flavor and there was plenty of them throughout the cookie.

Chips A Plenty:
These are just as dry and crumbly but with much less flavor.
I was so confused, these weren’t Rippin’ Good at all! The dough had a pasty, chemical taste and the chocolate chips were like bland tasteless, waxy pellets. All these were A-Plenty of was blah.

Wrap up:
Ahoy! We have to say that the crew at Nabisco makes a better, dry crumbly cookie than the yahoos at Rippin’ Good. Even though they pretty much had the same texture the flavor of Chips Ahoy made it a much better product.

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9 thoughts on “Chips Ahoy vs Chips A Plenty

  1. The chips ahoy in Australia have changed, I don’t like the new style, not as nice dough wise as before.

  2. They probably sell Chips A Plenty at that cheap place I used to buy groceries at when I was young and broke – the same place that sold me a can of green beans that had a dead roach inside. Thanks for the memories, Chips A Plenty.

  3. I love Chips Ahoy, but I love it even more now that they have that resealable packaging. I hated those bending tabs with the old package.

  4. Rippin’ Good cookies are actually made in Ripon, Wisconsin. There is (not sure if it’s still there) a cookie factory outlet store there where you could sample all the different cookie flavors. I loved that place.

  5. Rippin’ Good doesn’t really conform to the “Second Rate” label. They are really more fifth-rate–or worse.

  6. The Rippin’ Good ones have changed in the last few years. When they were actually made in Ripon, they were as good as the Chips Ahoy. However, a few years ago they outsourced the portion of theplant that makes that type of cookie (including oatmeal, raisin, peanut butter, etc.) and now make ’embedded’ cookies at Ripon — which is all of the chocolate coated cookies like striped dainties, mint cookies, frosted animal crackers, etc. The quality of those is still good — very good in fact when you go over to the cookie outlet store because they are at max a week old, whereas those in the store can be months old. But I would no longer buy one of the other types from them anymore because they are just nasty!

  7. Rippin Good makes pretty good tasting sugar wafers! I have yet to try their other cookies.

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