Get used to this guy (sorry)

Not to get into the whole reason why I used geocities instead of the secondratesnacks server to upload some photos, but it was convenient when using this ancient mac laptop (with no ftp and it wouldn’t install filezilla) that I’d blog from when I was in the living room.

Geocities ended the other day and I’ve lost most of my photos on there so you’ll be seeing this lovely red X where a photo used to be. For some reason I thought they were just not allowing new accounts, I didn’t realise they were vaporising all the pages and images but in the end it’s a good thing since I’ll have to keep all my photos on one server now.

Anyhoo, I’ll try to salvage what I can but sorry about any missing images.

7 thoughts on “Get used to this guy (sorry)

  1. I hope you can recover some things. In the future you could try hosting the pics at Photobucket or Flickr?

  2. Flickr seems to be a popular choice for a lot of blogs I visit.
    I look forward to your next update, anyway! Good luck recovering everything. Sounds like it might be a bit of work.

  3. Thanks, yep, I’m still keeping the blog, I’ll just have to see what I can do to get the old photos back. I’ll be posting again Friday. Happy snacking!

  4. is a good way to store pictures….
    I’ve never had any trouble using stuff from my blogspot page on other sites.

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