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I know, it’s a little over 2 weeks past Halloween but I was at a dollar store today and saw some pumpkin Peeps, I was going to pass on them but then saw a second rate version in the same discount basket.  They had me at “Hallo”, but what really sealed the deal was their name, “Shmellows”.   Both had freshness dates that were good into 2009 so I felt it was a still a fair evaluation- plus at 25¢ a pop, how could I pass on them?

Ethan has not been a fan of Peeps in the past but he thought these were better than what he remembered them tasting like.  He liked how they dissolved and thought they didn’t taste too sugary.   I liked the light texture and bounciness of the marshmallow but always find chewing right into sugar crystals a bit too intense.  They seemed to lack any real flavor but Ethan said he liked the subtle marshmallow taste.

These were more dense with an orange color marshmallow.  I felt that these had a taste that was so familiar but could not put my finger on it.  Ethan thought they had an orangey flavor and that they were like a giant cereal marshmallow, but soft.  I didn’t mind these in general but it did bother me that I could not say what they tasted like.

Wrap up:
Ethan preferred the Peeps due to their light texture, mild flavor and said they were “smooth”. I am torn between these two because I wasn’t crazy about either but like Ethan, found the texture of the Peeps better but was intrigued by the puzzling flavor (that Ethan says was orange but I think it was something else) of Shmallows.   Plus they were shaped more like pumpkins which I think should count for something.

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11 thoughts on “Peeps vs Shmellows

  1. Schmellows are recommended for use in decorating cakes with a Halloween theme. Looking at their design, as compared to the Peeps, I can see how they’d work better.

  2. Mmmmm…Peeps all the way!!! As long as they aren’t purple, blue, pink, or red, I’m a big fan of any type of Peeps candy. Some people disagree with me, but I say I can taste the dye. My favorite are the white or yellow Peeps Bunnies at Easter. The shape of the Peeps Chicks seems to make them prone to get stale faster. The Peeps Pumpkins aren’t as cute, but I still love the taste. The Schmellows do get points for the awesome name though. ?

  3. I agree that biting into solid sugar is not something I enjoy, so I can’t give an opinion on taste. But the Shmallows win based on appearance- more authentic if that is possible in a marshmallow snack.

  4. whenever i taste a vague, fake orange flavour, i am reminded of children’s chewable aspirin from the 1970s and early 1980s… i wondered if that is the memory these snacks conjured up?

  5. I’ve gotta say I feel like punching myself at the moment. I THINK I bought the shmellows this Halloween but I’m not positive and I have no more left to find out. If it was the same brand- which I think it was- it was a big bag of mixed designs. Pumpkins, witches, Frankenstein and I think another one(?). They had the designs (hair, eyes, ect.) made with a crumbly “hard” sugar candy and were very detailed- well besides the pumpkins. They were beyond adorable. I really enjoyed the contrast between the harder candy and the soft marshmellow. The pic of these marshmallows face details *looks* like it might be the harder candy but they didn’t say. Either way I’m not a huge fan but give the Shmellows a tad lead because of it being different and felt like I was eating more than sugary air.

  6. Hyperlexian, I remember that aspirin well, but wasn’t reminded of it when eating the Shmellows. I don’t think it was the same flavor – maybe it was similar but not enough to remind me of the aspirin.
    About biting into sugar: I also think that it’s unpleasant. What I do with these sort of things is just put them on my tongue, compress a little and let them dissolve. I’m sure it’s just as bad for your teeth as biting, but it’s a much more pleasant experience. It’s like taking the scenic route to tooth decay:)

  7. I can honestly say that I completely dislike sugar-coated marshmallows. What’s the point in eating sugar-coated sugar? There isn’t one. Plus, they make me feel sick to my stomach if I even take one bite. Yuck. >.

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