Glad there’s only one of: Reindeer Licks

So…I’m walking through the holiday candy section of Walgreen’s and I see this candy called “Reindeer Licks”.  This is a lollipop, shaped like a tongue and when you lick it, makes you look like you’re making out with a reindeer. Too stupid for adults, too inappropriate for kids, I’m not sure who they were gearing this towards, but the slogan is “The only pop that licks you back!”
No thanks, I don’t want a pop to lick me back.  Who does?  Well I guess there’s always someone but they’d buy something like this online.

Wrap up:
While the idea of this is enough to make it onto the “one of” list, after taking the pictures, Ethan got to know the reindeer better and said the pop actually tasted really good.  I asked to take a picture of him licking this but he declined because he didn’t know if the reindeer was a boy or a girl.  Still, I’m going to skip this as a stocking stuffer for my nephew to avoid any grief from my sister.

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7 thoughts on “Glad there’s only one of: Reindeer Licks

  1. I admit, I had to LOL when I saw that picture, and I CANNOT imagine what you must look like sucking on that…HA

  2. Just for the record, I said it tasted “good” not “really good”. The taste isn’t worth the weird out factor…although I did finish it.

  3. The reindeer looks hungover….his eyes are squinty and he’s probably sticking his ‘tongue’ out because he feels like it needs a shave and he doesn’t want it in his mouth any more…

  4. I saw these when they were on clearance. I bought the last 2 and have saved them ever since. Love them just beacuse they are so twisted. Wish they still made them.

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