Good & Fruity vs Mike and Ike

I don’t know too much about these candies so I looked in Wikipedia and though this was interesting: “Prior to 1992, all Good & Fruity candies contained the same-flavored red gummy center, relying upon the hard candy shell to provide the different flavor according to color. Sometime around 1992, however, the formula was changed and the candies’ interiors became color & flavor-coordinated with the outer shell to give the candy a “fruitier” taste. The resulting candy texture is far closer to a small jelly bean than to the traditional Good & Plenty crisp outside, chewy inside texture.”
That does seem to ring a bell from what I remember these being like from my Trick-or-Treating days, which was the only time I’d have these.  Because of this formula change, they are very much like Mike and Ike’s Original Fruit flavor and worth comparing.

Good & Fruity:
These seemed very tart to me.  The texture was really sugary like a jellybean but dissolved better.  Ethan thought the outer coating was “chalky”, kind of like Sweetarts and thought they had a very fain licorice flavor.  I thought they had a faint dishwasher soap taste and wasn’t crazy about how they stuck to my teeth. But after a few of these I did end up thinking they weren’t too bad

Mike and Ike:
Ethan has a history with these being one of his favorite candies.  In fact, he did a blind taste test and could tell just by holding the Good and Fruitys that they were not Mike and Ikes.  He thought these have a juicer flavor and likes the density and chewiness.  I thought the flavor was smoother and more pleasant but the texture was too much for me.  It was like chewing glue and they did not dissolve well.  Maybe they’re not supposed to but they were too sticky for me

Wrap up:
I’m not a big chewy-sticky candy person but due to their dissolving factor, I go with Good and Fruity, even with the tart, sour flavor.  Compared to Mike and Ikes they are much easier to chew.  Ethan remains loyal to Mike and Ike because he likes the more realistic fruit flavor (due to containing fruit juice)and actually likes the chewy texture so much that he doesn’t mind them sticking to his teeth.

Good & Fruity or Mike and Ike?

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4 thoughts on “Good & Fruity vs Mike and Ike

  1. Good & Fruity wins over original Mike and Ike only because of the blue ones (which were never in the original.)
    Alternate flavors of Mike and Ike, which include various blue flavors, are in fact made of Win and Rad and totally pwn Good & Fruity’s sorry antique ass.

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