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Heath Bar was introduced in the 1920’s followed by Skor in 1981. Seems amazing the world had to wait so many years for an equivalent product but was it worth the wait? These competing bars are now siblings since Hershey acquired the Heath operation so if you’re a Hershey fan, you can feel good knowing profits from either bar go towards maintaining the Chocolate World ride at Hershey Park.
I like Skor’s logo and the little crown in the “O”, which looks like the crown you retrieve in Advanced Dungeons and Dragons on Intellivision (one of my all time favorite video games). I guess it’s really one of the three crown in Sweden’s national emblem but I always think of Intellivision when I see it.

These had a nice clean break when snapped but crumbled like a cookie when chewed. The sweet milk chocolate had a good flavor and went well with slightly saltiness of the toffee. It kind reminded us of Twix. Also the softness and thickness of the chocolate was a nice compliment to the texture of the toffee.

The toffee in these was darker and a little “deeper” in flavor. Although the amount of chocolate and toffee was well balanced, the quality of chocolate didn’t seem as good as Heath. Ethan described it as bland and “gross”. The toffee was stickier too and really made a home for itself in the grooves of my teeth, so I had to bite lightly.

Wrap up:
We found Heath had a better quality chocolate and toffee. Also, the texture of Heath was more pleasant and I didn’t have to worry as much about digging it out of my molars. I can understand why it’s used in ice cream, although people may just recognize the name better. I will still give Skor points for the better wrapper though.

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11 thoughts on “Heath vs Skor

  1. you’ve been recreating my weekly sunday candy choice from when i was a kid! i could never decide between butterfinger vs 5th ave or skor vs heath. a trip down memory lane.

  2. i thought of this blog when i picked up a heath bar last night. so yummy…..
    i don’t imagine I would have even sought out a chocolate covered toffee bar had it not been for secondratesnacks.com!

  3. Oh yum! Heath bars are the best! Now I’m craving a Blizzard from Dairy Queen with vanilla ice cream, blueberry topping and crushed Heath bar all blended in together! -drools- If only it wasn’t winter…

  4. I know this is almost a DECADE old post lol! But has anyone noticed that Skor bars have changed? They USED to be thinner (in thickness) than the Heath Bar with creamier chocolate and (I’m assuming because the bar was thinner) were wider. Now they’re shorter, thinner and the toffee is thicker like a Heath bar. And back in the 80s I compared the two. I chose score because the chocolate was creamier (less waxy than Heath) and the toffee was smoother (Heath’s toffee was actually grainy from almonds). It’s like they switched the bars in the packaging now where Skor bars are actually Heath bars and vice versa. So yes super duper old article but I had to ask on the off chance someone still gets notifications on their post ?

  5. @Sandy,
    You’re correct, I think. I was a longtime lover of Skor bars but the bar is thicker, more square than it used to be and the mouthfeel is different. I miss the older, more delicate Skor.

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