Iron Stomach Challenge: SPAM vs TREET

I really had to mentally prep before doing this, which meant voiding any thought of the processing plants for either of these products. I know SPAM has it’s fans and I can appreciate that, but to me it’s always been this nightmareish conglomerate of meats that isn’t really meant for eating so I had never even tried it. Today I saw the Armour product TREET and so it became the day to try SPAM and TREET.
Ethan was less than enthusiastic when I brought these beauties home but being the ever-faithful taste tester, he joined me in this canned meat adventure.

Pretty sick, a rubbery mold of smushed meat that is able to stand upright on it’s own. Another blow to the senses was the canned cat food aroma. In fact, Clyde (our cat) magically appeared in the kitchen thinking he was getting fed.
Time to taste: I first noticed how salty this was, very salty although Ethan didn’t think it was that salty. It has a very “porky” flavor. Ethan was most turned off by the texture and said it was too mushy and that his tongue didn’t want to touch this. We gave Clyde some, he ate a teeny bit and then walked away.

Same unappetizing effort just to get out of the can. This was a little darker and more uniform in color but had some disturbing fat globules dispersed throughout the “loaf”.
The taste was less offensive to me because it was more recognizable and similar to cold cut bologna. Ethan described this as “beefy” (which I agreed with) but again, was mostly turned off by the texture which he said was “spongy”.

Wrap up:
No and no. We both can’t imagine trying either of these ever again. Like I said, I know some people swear by SPAM and maybe it’s a whole different ballgame in a sandwich or in macaroni and cheese (as suggested on the back of the can) but meat in this format is not for everyone.


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39 thoughts on “Iron Stomach Challenge: SPAM vs TREET

  1. I agree that the sight, smell, and the idea of canned meat is repulsive. But I think its quite tasty if you slice it, fry it, and eat it with eggs or toast. I wouldn’t eat it by itself, or straight out of the can (eww) , but its good just as a breakfast meat.

  2. i agree with cc – cook them. don’t eat them cold and straight out of the can.
    i swear, Hawaiians are the only people who know how to eat potted meats.

  3. I agree with everyone else. Spam right out of the can is hideous. Spam sliced and fried is one of the best breakfast meats in town!

  4. Ugh Spam!!! That stuff is gross. My mum used to make me eat it in a sandwich when I was a kid. No thanks. I WOULD rather eat the can.

  5. We grew up poor and SPAM was a regular staple in our house, fried SPAM with pineapple and cold SPAM sandwiches with mustard (the trick is to not cut it too thick and knock all of that gelatinous goo off before serving). Thankfully we’re not poor any more, and I don’t miss eating it, but would if I had too … again. LOL

  6. yeah, you definitely have to slice & fry the spam…I’ve had it fried w/eggs (yum!) and fried w/pineapple (quite tasty)…I don’t think I could ever eat it straight out of the can

  7. I’m sorry, but fried Spam is still Spam, and Spam is fucking disgusting, no matter how you prepare it.

  8. Hey, if there’s nothing else to eat I’ll take SPAM over nothing. I’ve also had teriyaki SPAM in a Hawaiian plate lunch with macaroni salad and sushi rice. It was tasty!

  9. I agree is not hte most appetizing thing in the world but I actually like Spam, I have not tried Treet but I think it looks scarier than Spam, I agree Spam is super salty but what I do is rinse it with water before cooking it , I DO NOT eat that think straight from the can.

  10. I’m agreeing with everyone else here. Did you eat it without cooking it? That’s horrifying. Under the proper preparation, Spam can be a pretty decent. Spam Musubi is one of my favorite spam-related foods ?

  11. I am from Minnesota, Spam Central, but somehow I have gone through my life never having eaten Spam. I have a buddy, though, who’s mom bought spam on a regular basis growing up. He used to eat Spam burgers weekly, or some dish in which Spam was replacement for another meat product. He swears by it, says Spam is where it’s at (you know, the bee’s knees) but I won’t go near the stuff.

  12. I love spam. Cut thin and put under the broiler it gets really nice and crispy. Yea it’s like having to cut through meat-jelly, but it can be great times.

  13. Grilled Spam (on my George Foreman grill) topped with mustard and/or mayo and served on a bun or kaiser roll – yum! I also add a slice of American cheese and let it melt on the Spam. Most excellent.

  14. As others have mentions, the SPAM (and Treet) needs to be fried or cooked somehow. I think anyone who eats it straight from the can would be repulsed by it.

  15. If fried spam tastes better than un-fried spam, un-fried spam must be the most vile food on this earth. I’ve had fried spam and it’s revolting! Don’t abuse your bodies with a do-over. Blech blech blech!

  16. Ha, I had no idea people felt so strongly about SPAM! Like I said, I never had it, I never even knew anyone who ate it. I didn’t see why it wouldn’t be like a slice of cold cut meat, you can eat alone and it’s not considered “wrong” and it doesn’t say anywhere on either can that it needs to be pan fried before serving, so everyone will have to find it in their hearts to forgive a SPAM novice ? The two bites I had (one of each product) was enough for me forever, so I won’t be buying any more and conducting a do-over. To me it still smells like cat food, is very salty, the mushy texture and the gelatinous coating are just too much for my wimpy stomach. I’m glad to see it has such a strong following though and that people enjoy it, it’s just not for me.

  17. I always had Treet growing up cause it was cheaper than Spam. We were too poor for ultra-classy Spam, which I pictured only wealthy people ate. So my vote may still lie with Treet, though I’m sure they’re equally delicious. I’ll never understand why people have such a problem with both of these products. If anyone bothers to take a look at the ingredient list, they’re quite simple with nothing weird going on. Just meat, salt, and water I think. (I don’t have a can in front of me at the moment) I guess if a solid, bologna-like texture turns you off, well then that’s a decent enough defense. Otherwise, you’ve got no excuse! Eat the damn stuff and enjoy it!

  18. While I don’t have a can with ingredients infront of me either, I’m sure there is more than just meat, some sort of flavoring too but even if it was just meat, salt and water, it doesn’t say exactly how much of each ingredient is in there two products, if one has way too much salt, that can ruin a product. The ingredients don’t matter if they’re prepared in such a way that produces a texture the taster doesn’t like -how many people don’t eat a type of food because “it’s a texture thing”? I’ve personally never had either but to each his own. Trying something and not liking it is excuse enough not to eat something if they dont’ want to.

  19. I grew up eating fried spam for breakfast. I cut it thin and fried it for my kids who loved it. Now when my grandkids come over they want fried spam and pancakes for breakfast instead of bacon. Try frying it and see the difference.

  20. i think some people cook this like hamburger meat. i imagine its pretty gross uncooked….

  21. Once upon a time, fried Spam was pretty good. But Hormel has done something to the recipe. I’m not sure what has happened to it, I only know that fried Spam used to be delicious and crispy with a rich hammy taste and meaty texture, and nowadays fried Spam is a mass of gelatinous pink pseudoflesh and grease encased in a crispy brown crust.
    Ignore the people who call for a do-over with fried Spam. You’re not going to like it any better, and neither will your cat.

  22. SPAM tastes horrible uncooked. It only tastes good if it is grilled or cooked on a frying pan.

  23. Stumbled into this by accident.
    Surprised no one mentioned this classic Monty Python bit.

  24. No. Never eat it straight out of the can… I remember eating fried Spam as a child, but as an adult an online recipe brought me back to SPAM. It’s a SPAM, Rice and Curry Salad which is great! I took it to an office potluck, and everyone loved it. I told everyone it was a ham salad, and no one knew the secret “ham” ingredient for months.

  25. Spam is not mystery meat. It is pork shoulder and ham with gelatin and spices. It was invented by a gourmet chef for soldiers in WWII. I love Spam from the can, smells good, tastes good on white bread with mayo and tomato. I share a bit with my doggy. I haven’t tried Treet yet.

  26. Did you cook it? Fry it up crispy and eat it like a BLT? If you ate it straight from the can you did not give it a chance. Cooking it to crispy on the outside makes a HUGE difference. Slice it thick like a patty and have spamburgers. Slice it thin and fry it up and you have spacon. I always buy the low sodium and it is still salty so try that next time. Dice it and cook it crispy and add to mac and cheese.

  27. It’s good as musubi; and I like to eat it diced, fried, and scrambled into eggs, with ketchup and fresh ground pepper on top. It lasts forever in the pantry so it’s good apocalypse food.

  28. I’ve had both and can’t deal with the consistency of Spam. Treet is so much better! As a kid my mom would slice and fry it with potatoes. I still do this and my kids love it as much as I did. That being said, it is something we only have once in a while. I can’t imagine eating it straight from the can, yuck.

  29. As for the salty taste, both Spam® and Treet® have a low sodium version. Although either is good just sliced and eat plain. It is best to use two slices of loaf bread and a piece of tomato and some mayonnaise to make a sandwich. Add a piece of Kraft’s sliced cheese to make better.
    You can make a sauce out of Orange Juice and Brown Sugar. Place Spam® or Treet® in the middle of a cast-iron Pan. Place long side showing. Take a knife and cut slits ? to ½ thick. Set Stove to 400º and Pour Sauce over the meat. Cook enough so Meat cooked and might be slightly blacked. If there is any cooked sauce left-over place in a bowl. Serve in case anyone wants to add additional sauce.

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