Oatmeal Creme Pies vs Oatmeal Cremes

This isn’t the first time Lil’ D and Mrs. F have had a showdown on this blog but it’s hard to count one or the other out since I’ve only evaluated these against each other twice and bot have been a winner and a loser.
I think back about how disgusting it was to have the Little Deb version of these in the kitchen closet at all times when I was growing up. They were “Hebrew school friendly” and a common snack to bring to three hours of passing notes and flinging whatever we had in our Trapper Keepers around the room.

Little Debbie:
Opening these individually wrapped cookies releases a Twinkie-like aroma, which is artificial but sweet and characteristic of a mass-produced “bakery” treat.
The cookie is nice and moist and slightly reminiscent of an actual oatmeal cookie. Ethan and I each had a cookie/pie and he asked “what are these supposed to filled with? Marshmallow?” I always thought it was supposed to be something resembling whipped creme but more stable. I guess it’s really more of a frosting than a creme or a marshmallow but somehow doesn’t add too much to the cookies but they okay. Ethan described these as “inoffensive”.

Mrs. Freshly’s:
Mrs. F’s cookies were a little bit dryer, although in comparison to Lil’ D’s ultral moist and slightly oily cookies, this wasn’t a surprise. Also the texture and taste were more “oatmealy” and there was more creme that had a bit more vanilla flavor to it. Ethan said these tasted “more honest” and I agreed that these provided at least more of an illusion of eating an actual oatmeal cookie.

Wrap up:
Mrs. Freshly wins this round bringing the score on this blog to her winning two out of three Little Debbie/Mrs. Freshly battles. I really thought after the Buddy Bar disappointment Mrs. F would forever be the second-rate snack, but after the donut stick challenge, she proved her self as a worthy opponent and slowly gaining credibility in the snack competitions.

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4 thoughts on “Oatmeal Creme Pies vs Oatmeal Cremes

  1. Mmmm.. I wish they sold those Freshly’s around my way! And about those Oatmeal Pies. I swear they used to be bigger…???

  2. The Little Debbie Pies seem to have changed since I was a kid. It’s almost like they have this weird chemical taste now that wasn’t there before. Shame. I used to love them.
    I haven’t tried the Mrs. Freshley’s yet. Maybe I should suck it up and get a box to see if they’re acceptable.

  3. I think that Little Debbie is the only kind they have around here. I think I’m wrong,but I’ll see if I’m right or a bit koo-koo in the head.

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