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I’ve never had a Lunchable before.  The concept is okay but still, to buy something like this on a regular basis seems kind of needless when it’s so easy to put something like this together on your own.   But I guess they have a market because they seem to be very sucessful.
I found both Lunchable and LunchMaker varieties featuring bologna and American cheese.  I almost picked the turkey but remembered Ethan doesn’t like turkey and the way the meat sliced looked had everything I hate about cold cuts- the multi-colored pieces with a clear ribbon of gel that keeps the mismatching pieces of meat together.  Not that bologna is any less gross in that respect, but I do appreciate the uni-colored mass that has been pureed to the point that it’s just one texture.

Lunchables have the big name of Oscar Mayer so they boast name-brand items like Ritz crackers and Chips Ahoy cookies.  We noticed that the slices of bologna were extremely thick (as far as cold cuts go) and that added to it’s rubbery texture.  Plus it had a weird taste to it, at first I thought it was peppery but then I really couldn’t figure it out.  The Ritz crackers were surprisingly non-Ritz like.  Ethan described them as having McDonald’s cookie taste/consistency.  These must be made especially for Lunchables and they cleary use a different recipe.
The cheese was the most processed tasting cheese I’ve ever experienced.  With very little flavor, it seems to be added just for filler.  The cookies tasted like the standard boxed cookies- not disappointing in that way.

We liked that the bologna slices were much thinner and tasted better.  There was no weird flavor and I guess you might saw we appreciated that in comparison to Lunchables.  I thought the cheese tasted better, it actually tasted like cheese.  The crackers were okay, they did their job as being a vehicle for the bologna and cheese.  Ethan ate the Butterfinger which he reported tasted like a normal Butterfinger.

Wrap up:  We weren’t really crazy about either, but sided with Armour’s LunchMakers because of the thinness of the slices and the all-around slightly better taste.  Ethan even said it tasted more “natural” in comparison to Lunchables.   We expected more from Lunchables because this meal/snack format was their idea and they had the “Ritz” crackers.  The disappointment of the second-rate version of Ritz’s own product was a big demerit.  Plus being a leader in the cold cut industry I expected better taste and normal slice thickness from Oscar Mayer.

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11 thoughts on “Lunchables vs Lunchmakers

  1. I think people tend to buy these because if they live alone they don’t need to buy separate packets of cheese, meat and crackers, in case they don’t use it all, so buying it this way is less waste all round. I think the lunchmakers one looks better, you get chocolate afterall! ?

  2. haha I thought these were aimed at kids (because I was a fan of them and occasionally took to school for..well, lunch :p ).
    I’ve only tried Lunchables, but totally would’ve gone for the Lunchmakers, because of the Butterfinger, lol..

  3. There’s one very important thing about Lunchmakers: the butter crackers they use are actually the same as what Lunchables’ used to have, when I was growing up. You can see what I mean in this picture:
    I do still think the cheese in Lunchables is better, it has a slightly less rubbery flavor to me. But the old-style butter crackers bring Lunchmakers over the edge.

  4. I actually like them both. Don’t really care for bologna though. If is was turkey, I would go with Lunchables because the ones I would get always came with Reese’s. ?

  5. The crackers in the Lunchmakers are Keebler Toasteds which are a much better quality cracker than Ritz.

  6. Well oscar myer pretty much invented bologna, so if you dont like theirs you should not have tried the bologna kind b/c you must not be a fan of bologna. Try ham comparison and provide a review. Lunchables is far better then thier imitators.

  7. I agree on all aspects of this review!! My daughter will not eat the punishable. We buy Lunchmakers!! However sad that I can’t get the Bologna ones anymore we have to buy Turkey I stead.

  8. Lunchmakers all the way! They use real Pasteurized American Cheese. Cost is $1.00. Lunchables uses Cheese Product which is fake cheese and $1.36 !!!

  9. Can i continue my comment? Any CHEESE that says cheese FOOD or PRODUCT IS NOT(!) American Pasteurized Cheese. Thanx fr Wisconsin.

  10. I recently had gastric sleeve surgery and can only eat small portions and I have found that these pre-packaged lunch items are the perfect thing for me. It is just enough food for a mid-day snack. And sometimes I will even use one for an actual meal. I prefer the Armour lunchmakers. I like the taste of the turkey and the chicken and the “treat” comes pre-packaged (small candy bar) which I can leave in the lunchroom at work for someone else to enjoy. Yes, I could put this together myself, BUT, I will not so buying them already done is a win for me. And our local market frequently has them on sale 10 for $10. I don’t think I could put one together for $1. Thanks Armour!

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