Ruffles vs Ridgies

I wasn’t able to find any information on this, but I believe Ruffles was the first chip with ridges. I always have a soft spot in my heart for Ruffles, not because they taste better than other chips but I will never forget Halloween of 1985 when one house was giving out full-size bags of Ruffles AND they let us pick the flavor we wanted(I chose Sour Cream and Onion).  I still get a little shiver of excitement just thinking about what a treat that was.
Wise has a version of ridged chips called Ridgies which I’ve never had but felt they just scream “second rate”.

Ruffles have a nice, light texture and a good amount of salt. These were strong enough to confidently scoop up dip. They were kind of greasy but then again it IS a potato chip. One thing we noticed was they kind of didn’t taste like anything. If someone told me these were made of paper, I might believe it.
Ethan detected some mystery flavor that he could not put his finger on but he liked it. I tried to figure it out but just didn’t taste anything unusual so I’m not sure what it was.

Ridgies were more browned and had a good solid crunch. They were a little thicker in texture, Ethan felt they were a little too hard. These were less salty than Ruffles but had much more potato flavor, which to me made a huge difference. I found myself enjoying these more because of that but Ethan wasn’t too impressed.

Wrap up:
Split decision. Ethan preferred the texture, saltiness and “mystery flavor” of Ruffles but I was a fan of the strong potato flavor of Ridgies and liked their hearty texture.  I will agree with Jon that the evil eye logo is a little unsettling because it looks angry, although it does fit with the challenge “Dare to dip”. 

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9 thoughts on “Ruffles vs Ridgies

  1. Michelle’s joking, cz. Of course it’s an owl’s eye. But it does look a bit sinister. When I was really young that eye would freak me out a bit. Somebody else said the same thing in a comment about Cheez Doodles.

  2. Wise chips are always so greeezy. Even the foil bag has grease stains on it. Plus they have a disproportionate number of burnt chips.

  3. When I was a kid, my Mom used to buy Wise chips. What I mostly remember about them is their incredible greasiness – many of the chips would be almost transparent because of the high level of oiliness – and there were always overcooked/burnt chips in the bag too. My sibs and I hated them. Thus, I haven’t had them in years.
    Ethan’s right, there is a special flavor in Ruffles – it’s a common flavor that you’ll find in any potato chip by Frito Lay has. I identify it as a vague sweetness, but no matter what you think it might be, it’s there. I bet you can pick out the Lay’s potato chips in a blind tasting because of that flavor (I know I can.)

  4. I like Wise chips because I like the semi burnt chips, and the flavor is better.
    I believe that Wise brand chips can only be found on the East Coast.

  5. I love Ridgies and Ruffles. You gotta love salt to love these kinds of chips. For me, they are more a vehicle for salt-eating.

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