Planters Peanut Bar vs Pay Day

What do you do when you want some peanuts but it’s just not convenient to open a jar?  Of course you grab a candy bar that’s made of peanuts stuck together with some goop. Okay maybe that wasn’t the idea behind these bars, but they certainly would be handy for peanut lovers to eat while swinging on a trapeze or reeling in a Great White or some other task that allows limited use of you hands. I like peanuts just lightly roasted and salted, but never enjoyed them in food. I was thinking maybe these would be good since peanuts are the headliner and just a little sugar (or “binder”) would compliment the star of the show and I’d find a new way to enjoy peanuts.

Planters Peanut Bar:
This is a very stiff, hard and brittle bar.  Biting into this was not enjoyable at all.  It felt like I was biting into a candy bar made of teeth, which was pretty gross.  The glaze/peanut binder did not provide any flavor and it seemed like the peanuts themselves didn’t taste like anything either.   Ethan said he’d rather just eat some peanuts from a jar.

Pay Day:
The binder in Pay Day is more like a soft caramel. In that way the texture was much different but I’m not sure I’d say it was more appealing.  The taste wasn’t much better.  We found this to be very salty and between the “flavor” of the binder and the overly generous amount of salt, neither of us could finish it.

Wrap up:
No and no.  Planter’s “teeth bar” is totally bland and gross, and Pay Day is a soft, tasteless putty with the mis-matched texture/taste of peanuts. Even splitting these bars, we couldn’t finish them.  Obviously people must like them (and nothing against these people) or they wouldn’t be on the candy shelves, but I guess these just aren’t our thing, at all.

Planters or Pay Day?

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21 thoughts on “Planters Peanut Bar vs Pay Day

  1. That’s so strange, I hadn’t ever seen this Planters bar until 2 days ago and lo-and-behold here it is again. Good thing I read this now I don’t have to venture our to try it ?

  2. I agree that neither is good. I do wonder, though,
    ” It felt like I was biting into a candy bar made of teeth, which was pretty gross.”
    if you have ever tried peanut brittle – carmelized sugar/butter with some (usually about one per bite, which is silly but apparently a standard) peanuts. Or the more expensive cashew brittle? Not that good either, but as a once-a-year “treat” better than these.

  3. You need a “neither” and both option in your polls. For this particular..I would choose NEITHER! ICK

  4. I love peanut brittle! It’s so yummy! I wouldn’t eat these either. We have natural bars that are made out of peanuts but they have choc-coated on the bottom, i put them in hubby’s lunch as he loves them.

  5. I actually like both of these. My issue, though, is this doesn’t feel like a true Second Rate Snack, as the two candy bars are so much different. Planter’s Peanut Bar vs. Munch would have made more sense.

  6. Hi Malcom,
    Thanks for the suggestion. I just work with what’s available (or what people send me) I haven’t seen any Munch bars where I live. I’ll keep a look out next time I travel though.

  7. Splitting hairs here, but could have been Pearsons Nut Roll v. Payday if it were available.
    Still, both Planters and Payday have lots of nuts and sugar. I’d go for the Payday.

  8. This should really be between Payday and Pearson’s Nut Roll. Planter’s Nut Bar is more like peanut brittle and really doesn’t compare. -Craig

  9. I agree with Craig and Justin. While these’re both made of peanuts, they feel like comparing apples to oranges to me. Lol.

  10. I like both of these and agree that they are really not comparable products. But best of all is the Pearson’s nut roll. I just avoid the chocolate covered Pearson’s.

  11. Call me a junk-food junkie, but I LOVE PAY DAY bars!!!! I thought your description of Pay Day was right on target, and with all that salty-sweet goodness that you described I was surprised to see that you ultimately don’t like it. I love them! Fortunately I buy only about one per year, because they’re really, really fattening. But I love them and think of a Pay Day as a special treat.

  12. oh! surprised I found this here. These bars remind me of a very popular snack in India called ‘chikki’ it’s peanuts bonded together in thick wafer format with caramelized brown sugar. It’s made in homes, and some people sell these at local stores. I really like it when it’s made a certain way. Can’t say I will like these mass produced preservative infused packaged bars.

  13. I LOVE the planter’s peanut bar…it was always one of my favorite treats when I was a kid. You don’t see them that often, but I do pick one up on the rare occasion I see one. They are AWESOME!!!

  14. Wow, that’s weird. I went through a Payday craze back in jr. high and remember loving the hell out of those bars. I haven’t had one in a few years, though. Did they change the formula for the binder? I remember it being a slightly salty caramel.

  15. I can’t believe so many people don’t like Pay Day. It’s definately one of my favorite candy bars.

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