Snackwells vs Great Taste

I’ve never tried either of these but I thought SnackWell’s was the first of this kind of cookie and the clear second-rater was the challenger which I can’t even tell what the brand name is “Oven Baked” or “Great Taste” but they do boast on their box that they’re “The Original”. Both are Devil food cake coated with marshmallow and chocolate.

Biting into these we discovered that they’re not just soft but chewy. the chocolate coating kind of cracks but is held together by the rather gluey marshmallow, which doesn’t look like much but the amount of marshmallow is perfectly balanced with the chocolate coating and fluffy cookie. We notice these have a chemical/artificial taste to them but do have the chocolate and marshmallow flavor that you expect, it’s just a little weird.

Great Taste(?):
These were amazingly identical, the only difference was that they seemed a teeeeny bit dryer in the cake park but other than that they had the same chewiness and chemical taste.

Wrap up:
SnackWell’s by an inch, just because Great Taste or whatever it’s called is a little dryer. Honestly though I think if you don’t mind the chemical taste anyway of SnackWell’s you will enjoy the same flavor with Great Taste and probably not even notice the minuscule difference in cake dryness if you’re not comparing one right after the other.

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10 thoughts on “Snackwells vs Great Taste

  1. I’ve got no idea what devil food cake is, but I think it must be a sponge cake?
    I’ve never seen anything like them here, interesting concept I’d like to try. Do they have other flavours besides chocolate?

  2. Tasty Japan, Devil’s Food is a kind of cake. it’s particularly rich chocolate…so no, devil’s food doesn’t come in other flavors.

  3. We’ve had both. I can get the Great Taste ones at Dollar Tree for $1.00, that’s less than 1/2 the cost of Snackwells.

  4. interestingly enough, we just had the Great Taste cookies at at work meeting today. naturally, i mentioned this blog. the cookies weren’t bad.

  5. The OvenBaked cookies are made by the same company that makes Girl Scout cookies–the Crispy Fudge Mint cookies are identical to the Girl Scout thin mints & are available year round!!

  6. The other day my two high school age kids asked me, “What is your favorite cookie?” After thinking for a minute, I remembered this Nabisco product from my childhood, though my memory predates the “Snackwell” branding. I do not remember any chemical taste in the pre-Snackwell version. Perhaps I was not paying attention, but I will wager that the extra chemicals got added with the brand name change.

  7. For those who may be interested, I found this informative link:

  8. Before Snackwells, Nabisco made full-fat Devil’s Food “Squares” (really rectangular), which came in a red/yellow package. I never understood why they stopped making them since many products come in original and reduced varieties.

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