Kraft vs Heluva Good

One of our favorite dips is Kraft French Onion. I would like to say that the best non-pre-made, packaged dip is Knorr Vegetable, but we’re doing pre-made tonight.
I picked Heluva Good to compare against Kraft because that was the only other French Onion dip I found on the same trip to the store.  I haven’t had Heluva in a long time and remembered not liking it.  I’m also not crazy about the name either.  I guess it wouldn’t be allowed on the shelves if it said “Hell of a Good”  but either way it sounds kind of “classless”.  Not that Kraft is classy and we all know I’m not (see drinking Mt. Dew in wine glass post), but maybe I was just remembering their old package design with the “rural old timer” (who I get the feeling may not have any teeth) feeding his beard a chip w/ dip.  Maybe the folks at Heluva felt the same because they’ve redesigned their packaging to look a little more modern.

This dip is very creamy, the onion flavor has a slight toastiness to it.  It even had a bit of a toasty beige color.  There is a nice subtle tang and Ethan says it has just enough sweetness.  He also said the mild taste and creaminess are really the features that make this “just good”.

Heluva Good:
I don’t know if they’ve changed their recipe or something but I found myself liking this a lot.  It definitely had much more of a sour cream taste and found it to be “fresh” tasting.  The texture seemed lighter and still maintained a creamy quality.  Ethan didn’t like the sourness and refused to say anything nice about it.

Wrap up:
We went separate ways on this one.  I strayed from “old reliable” Kraft and continued eating the Heluva.  It really impressed me with the fresh taste and more simple ingredient list.  Ethan continued to be loyal to Kraft and stood by all the qualities he liked about it that made it “the best”.

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12 thoughts on “Kraft vs Heluva Good

  1. Good God, the color on the Kraft is disgusting, and it looks so thick! Where did you find the Heluva good? I haven’t seen it around town.

  2. I prefer the DIY Lipton and sour cream dips, but I lean towards the Helluva, I’m with you Michelle!

  3. I agree with jdeuel – the color on the Kraft is yucky!!! I used to LOVE Hood French Onion Dip, and it took me awhile to realize that the Heluva Good IS Hood french onion dip!!

  4. I live in GA but have family in PA, which was the only place I had ever seen Helluva Good Dip. We used to get a tub when ever we would come up to visit family and I would DEVOUR it. That was back when the cranky old farmer was on the tub. Imagine my shock and joy when I discovered that it had migrated down south to my local Kroger.

  5. I’ve seen Heluva Good here in MA.
    As an aside, a better packaging choice might be a Mr. T tie-in. Just saying.

  6. If you are ever in Alabama or anywhere else that carries most Barber’s products…
    Give their Party Dip a try. It is one of the best dips I have ever tasted.
    I’m currently munching on chips with Heluva Good dip… and it’s an acceptable substitute, I suppose.
    Far better than Kraft, Dean’s, etc… at least.

  7. Kraft is horrible! For some strange reason, my father keeps on purchasing kraft dip. I prefer Price’s jalapeno dip from El Paso,Texas. It is one of the best dips in the U.S.

  8. Here in Buffalo NY we don’t even HAVE Kraft dip (at least I’ve never noticed it!) but we do have Helluva…. instead, we have locally made Bison Chip Dip (French Onion and others) YUM… gotta stick with the locals on the chip dip test!

  9. Bison Wegmans tops upstate farms are all the exact same product just diffrent packaging price and sell by dates

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